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Plasma Genesect
Start/End Dates 2012-08-11 through 2012-09-14
Country Japan Japan



Pictures from the August 2012 Corocoro revealed Genesect (ゲノセクト), the Paleozoic Pokémon. Genesect has been known since information from the rom was extracted from Pokémon Black and White but this is finally the official reveal of this Pokémon. Genesect is National Dex #649 and Isshu Dex 2 #300.

Genesect was distributed in Japan on the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and Nintendo Zones for players of Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 from August 11th, 2012 until September 14th, 2012.

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Source: https://twitter.com/papico028

The Japanese official Pokémon site updated with information on this event. Genesect's Techno Blast attack changes type depending on the item that Genesect is holding. In total, it can have four different types, which are:

  • Fire Type (when Genesect is holding the Burn Drive)

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  • Electric Type (when Genesect is holding the Shock Drive)

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  • Water Type (when Genesect is holding the Douse Drive)

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  • Ice Type (when Genesect is holding the Chill Drive)

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The special Drives that are needed to change Techno Blast's type can be obtained when players take Genesect to the P2 Lab. There, they will be challenged to a battle by a Team Plasma researcher and if they win, the researcher will give them two out of the four Drives. Pokémon Black 2 players will get the Burn and Shock Drives, while Pokémon White 2 players will get the Douse and Chill Drives.

Source: http://www.pokemon.co.jp/ex/genosekuto/
Pokémon Details
Pokéball: Cherish Ball
Species: Genesect
Nickname: ゲノセクト
OT Name: プラズマ
Level: 50
Gender: Male
Ability: Download
Nature: Timid
Shiny: Unknown