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19 Aug 2022 11:57 AM
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On Saturday, September 3rd, 2022, there will be a Mass Outbreak of Gangar at the Pokémon Cafe! New menu items and tableware items featuring Gangar will be available! If you post a photo of your order on SNS, you can get a sticker. Let's enjoy the Pokemon Café in autumn with Gangar!

image image
Gengar's Ghost Dive! Cheese Fondue-style Soup Plate Set - 2,970 yen (tax included)
ゲンガーのゴーストダイブ!チーズフォンデュ風スーププレートセット 2,970円(税込)

Gangar is now available to Ghost Dive into!? Inside Gangar's Soup Pot is a rich cheese cream soup! The mini parfait, inspired by Gangar's Shadow Ball move, is a cool grape and blackcurrant treat!


Enjoy the Gangar-style bread, pie, and vegetables by dipping them into your soup.


Order eangar's Confuse Ray Smoothie, a popular menu item at the Pokemon Café for 990 yen (tax included) and enjoy your meal with lots of Gangar!

image image
Gangar's Ghost Dive Soup Pot Pokémon Cafe - 3,850 yen (tax included)
Gangar Spoon/Fork Pokémon Cafe - 880 yen each (tax included)
ゲンガーのゴーストダイブスープポット Pokémon Cafe 3,850円(税込)
スプーン/フォーク ゲンガー Pokémon Cafe 各880円(税込)

The tableware used in the Gengar's Ghost Dive! Cheese Fondue-style Soup Plate menu item can be purchased separately as take-home merchandise! Let's welcome Gangar to your dining table!

The lunch mats available at the Pokémon Café are designed with illustrations from the Halloween Harvest Festival merchandise which is scheduled for release on the same day at the Pokémon Center. Gangar's Ghost Dive! Cheese Fondue-Style Soup Plate Set comes with a Gangar-designed lunch mat!

The design of the Pokémon Café's original clear coaster, which are given away at random with each drink order, will also feature Halloween Harvest Festival designs! There are 3 designs in total but you cannot choose the pattern.

image image
Selectable Pokémon Latte 770 yen each (tax included)
Selectable Pokémon Latte Cafe Mocha 825 yen each (tax included)
Selectable Pokémon Latte Caramel 825 yen each (tax included)
選べるポケモンラテ 各770円(税込)
選べるポケモンラテ カフェモカ 各825円(税込)
選べるポケモンラテ キャラメル 各825円(税込)

The Selectable Pokémon Lattes which allow you to choose your favorite artwork from a large selection of Pokémon, also have new designs! A total of seven new artwork of Pokémon from the Halloween Harvest Festival merchandise and seven Gangar in various poses have joined the lineup. Choose your favorite Pokémon and enjoy them with food and sweets!


Order the Gengar's Ghost Dive! Cheese Fondue-style Soup Plate Set and fill your table with Gangar! Take a picture of Gangar on your table and post it on SNS with the hashtag #Gangar Outbreak at the Pokémon Café (#ポケモンカフェのゲンガー大量発生) and show the screen to a staff member, and you will receive a Pokémon Café original sticker (A6 size)!


Enjoy the menu along with the Halloween Harvest Festival merchandise!


Pokémon Center merchandise will not be sold at the Pokémon Café.

Source: https://www.pokemoncenter-online.com/cafe/news/220819_01.html
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