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25 Jan 2008 07:24 PM
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{nl}Pokemon USA, Inc. today announced the latest Pokemon Trading Card Game expansion, Diamond & Pearl - Great Encounters, will be released on February 13th. The expansion features more than 100 cards, including more brand-new Pokemon cards for players to collect and three legendary Pokemon with powerful new attacks.{nl}


Latest Card Release Reveals Powerful Diamond & Pearl Pokemon to Seek, Find, and Catch

{nl}In Great Encounters, many incredible Pokemon come together to battle in an epic confrontation that will be a triumph for Trainers everywhere. Who will stand victorious? Dialga? Palkia? Or is it Darkrai, a new Legendary Pokemon who rises up from the darkness? With more brand-new Pokemon cards, more Pokemon LV. X, and a titanic clash of some of the most powerful Pokemon ever, Great Encounters is every player’s chance to encounter greatness.{nl}

{nl}The Pokemon TCG: Diamond & Pearl - Great Encounters expansion will be available in three 60-card theme decks - Eternal Time, Endless Night, and Infinite Space - as well as in booster packs. Theme decks, priced at $11.99, include a unique coin, an updated rulebook, card list, one-player playmat, and damage counters. Each booster pack, priced at $3.79, features 10 randomly inserted game cards. {nl}

{nl}Meet Darkrai (Great Encounters, 4/106), a pitch-black Pokemon known to lull people to sleep and make them dream during nights of the new moon. Making its grand debut in Diamond & Pearl - Great Encounters, Darkrai is a Darkness-type Basic Pokemon with great attacks and high HP. Its powerful Sleep Hole attack delivers 40 damage to the Defending Pokemon, plus 40 more damage if the Defending Pokemon is Asleep. If the Defending Pokemon is not Asleep, the attack causes it to be Asleep. Either way, your opponent won't be pleased with the outcome. Darkrai's entry into the Pokemon universe will definitely shake things up with a surplus of shadowy new strategies to explore. {nl}
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