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06 Jun 2024 08:55 AM
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Build-A-Bear has announced that the Pokémon Munchlax Plush Bundle is now available to order. The Munchlax Bundle includes: a Munchlax with 5-in-1 Sound, Heavy Ball Hoodie and a Bib and Tamato Berry Wristie. The Munchlax Bundle costs $66 USD. Pictures of this plushie bundle have been added to an Imageboard thread. Voice actor SungWon Cho voices Munchlax.

Pokémon products are only available as exclusive bundles when purchasing online. These products may not be purchased separately.

Munchlax Bundle

Have some foodie fun with Munchlax! Paired with a bib and Tamato Berry wristie, this Normal-type Pokémon consumes its own weight in food every day. Additional accessories included are a matching Heavy Ball hoodie and 5-in-1 sound chip. Bring home this cute new Munchlax plush to join your team!

Price includes:
  • Munchlax with 5-in-1 Sound
  • Heavy Ball Hoodie
  • Bib and Tamato Berry Wristie

Source: https://www.buildabear.com/pokemon-munchlax-plush-bundle/32475_32476_32477_32732.html