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09 Jun 2024 02:22 PM
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The sleep game app Pokémon Sleep, distributed by The Pokémon Company, will be sponsoring the mini-series Good Night Seeds (おやすみのたね。) which will begin airing on Nippon Television every Sunday from 9:54 p.m. to 10 p.m. starting June 2nd, 2024.


1. About the new program Good Night Seeds

There is a small island where Pokémon and humans live together in harmony. Deep in the forest of that island stands a unique log house. The person who lives there is Kaimi (カイミ), played by Mario Kuroba (黒羽麻璃央), an assistant to a doctor who studies sleep.

His hobby is adventurous travel and he loves music, so he is always lively with people who come to talk about "sleep"! So, what type of conversation will we hear today?

2. Introductory comment from Kuroba Mario!


Actor Mario Kuroba, who has appeared in many popular stage plays and dramas, will be starring in his first mini-series tv show, playing the role of "an assistant to a doctor who studies sleep."

Ahead of the start of the series broadcast, we have comments from Kuroba Mario.

--What are your impressions after the recording?
Kuroba: I enjoyed the recording! We used a CG set for the recording, but when I saw the actual footage, Pikachu was behind me, and I was very happy that I was able to be a part of the Pokémon world that I have been familiar with since I was a child!

--What is your story with Pokémon?
Kuroba: The first game I was ever bought was Pokémon Red. I can't believe I'm acting with Pokémon, and I want to tell my younger self all about it.

--There is a lot of information about “sleep” in this program, but do you have a “nighttime routine” that you do before going to sleep?
Kuroba: Before going to sleep, I try to stretch before going to bed. Recently, if I go to bed without stretching, I sometimes wake up in the morning and my body aches. Especially during stage rehearsals and performances, I try to stretch more than I did in the past before going to bed.

--Please give a message to viewers about the program!
Kuroba: On this program, we give a lot of information about "sleeping." There are many things that you think you know but don't, and I'm going to try out what I learned during the recording, so please watch Good Night Seeds and try it out!

睡眠ゲームアプリ『Pokémon Sleep』が提供する新しいミニ番組「おやすみのたね。」が日本テレビで毎週日曜21時54分~22時放送!初回放送は、2024年6月2日(日)!

2024年5月30日 12時00分
株式会社ポケモン(東京都港区、代表取締役社長:石原恒和)が配信する睡眠ゲームアプリ『Pokémon Sleep(ポケモンスリープ)』は、2024年6月2日(日)より毎週日曜21時54分~22時に日本テレビ(※関東ローカル)にて放映を開始するミニ番組「おやすみのたね。」への提供を行います。

ポケモンと人がいっしょに仲良く暮らす、小さな島。その島の森の奥深くに、かわったログハウスが建っています。そこに住んでいるのは、ねむりを研究する博士の助手・カイミ。 冒険旅行が趣味で音楽が大好きな彼の元には、「ねむり」についてあれこれ語りたい人がやってきていつもにぎやか!さあ、今日はどんなおしゃべりが聞けるのでしょうか?

■番組タイトル  : 「おやすみのたね。」
■放送局  :日本テレビ(※関東ローカル)
■放送日時 :毎週日曜21時54分~22時放送
■出演者  : 黒羽麻璃央 ほか



黒羽さん)生まれて初めて買ってもらったゲームソフトが『ポケットモンスター 赤』でした。そのポケモンと共演しているのが信じられず、昔の自分に教えてあげたいくらいです。




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