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04 Nov 2008 01:50 PM
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picYuu Mizushima has updated his blog again with a picture from the cover of another upcoming script. Once again, he has recorded his voice for Gen for DP109 鋼鉄島の遺跡! (The Historic Ruins of Steel Island!).

Sushi has translated Yuu Mizushima's blog posting and it is attached below:
"Today was the recording for the 109th Pokemon episode. This is the first human role I've got in a long time; not to mention, it's a good-looking guy as well! I was slightly nervous, but still felt good while recording. (The episodes) will air in January over the course of two weeks. Please look forward to them!"

This is a very interesting blog post for many Pocket Monsters fans as this is one of the first times we have definite information on how far in advance the voices are recorded before the episode airs. It appears episodes are recorded approximately two months in advance. Another instance that give us information about VA recording schedules was when Megumi Hayashibara went on maturity leave.

It was announced today that November 27th would be a 2 hour Naruto special and Pocket Monsters Diamond and Pearl would be postponed that week. It was also announced that DP would have a one hour special December 4th to compensate for the missed week. DP104 and DP105 will most likely air on December 4th. Titles for DP104 to DP107 have yet to be announced.

Source: http://yumizushima.blog122.fc2.com/