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20 Oct 2021 05:20 AM
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A spooky Halloween event is on its way to Pokémon UNITE! Get ready to scare up a good time from October 20th, 2021 to November 7th, 2021, and treat yourself to some Halloween fun!


Halloween Brings Pumpkins to Pokémon UNITE’s Mer Stadium

Toss pumpkins at your opponents in these fun new battles, and collect pumpkins to exchange for limited-time items and Holowear.

You'll find pumpkins aplenty in Pokémon UNITE with the arrival of Aeos Island's Halloween celebration. From October 20, 2021, to November 10, 2021, the game will feature all sorts of tricks and treats, including a fun new take on Mer Stadium battles, special bonuses that earn you pumpkins, and festive new ways to deck out your Trainer and your Pokémon. And don't be surprised if the game looks a little spookier than usual, too!

Pumpkin Attack

You'll certainly notice a big change when you play a quick battle in Mer Stadium. Now during a match, the battle item button controls your Pumpkin Toss. Tap this button, and you'll lob a pumpkin that covers the opposing Pokémon for a short time. Just be aware that you can hit your teammates as well, and they can do the same to you, so be ready to dodge incoming produce!

While a Pokémon is covered with a pumpkin, it's unable to score points and it moves by bouncing, which increases its speed. Although pumpkined Pokémon can't use their normal moves, they do have access to a special move called Pumpkin Tackle. This dash can be used to smack into opposing Pokémon and push them aside, as well as flee from trouble.

If that doesn't get you pumped, participating in Mer Stadium's festive battles can also earn you collectible pumpkins that can be exchanged for limited-time Halloween items. Mer Stadium will be decked out for Halloween only until November 7, so play as many matches as you can before then.

Pumpkin Bonuses

There are also other ways to earn pumpkins. From October 20 to November 7, there'll be daily log-in bonuses, and from October 29 to November 2, you'll be able to complete daily missions to collect even more. These pumpkins can be used in the Pumpkin Exchange to get items such as Battle Point boost cards, a Greedent Unite license, a Halloween background, a Halloween hat, and more.

There will also be Halloween-themed items available in the shop. Look for spooky fashion items to dress your Trainer in—plus limited-time Pokémon Holowear, including Costume Party Style: Lucario and Costume Party Style: Zeraora.

The Pumpkin Exchange and Halloween shop items will be around only until November 10, so don't wait to scare up some style.

There's certainly a lot of to do in Pokémon UNITE this Halloween season, so go grab those gourds!

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YouTube Clip - The Pokémon UNITE Halloween Festival begins on 10/20!

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5haVduDbCpw