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02 May 2022 07:26 PM
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U-Treasure, a company that deals in authentic character jewelry for adults, will release a new Mew Half Eternity Ring. The new ring features a three-dimensional design with 13 diamonds attached to the front of the ring, depicting Mew flying around. The engraving of the tail continues inside the ring and is a key feature. A silver ring with the same design and cubic zirconia will also be available for pre-order starting May 2nd, 2022 until May 31st, 2022 for a limited time. They will be available at the U-Treasure Concept Store Ikebukuro and the U-Treasure Online Shop. High resolution images from the press release have been added to an Imageboard thread.

Image Image

Pokémon Mew Half Eternity Ring (ミュウ ハーフエタニティリング)

A simple and elegant half eternity ring. On the diamonds side of the ring, Mew looks as if it is flying. The design of the tail continues inside the ring and makes the Mew motif on the surface more attractive.
Price and materials including tax: 148,500 yen (Platinum 950 x K18 Pink Gold), 132,000 yen (K18 pink gold), 22,000 yen (Silver (Pink Gold coating)
*Silver (Pink Gold coating) is fastened with cubic zirconia.


Source: https://u-treasure.jp/licensor/pocketmonsters