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A new news article has been posted!
The official Pokémon movie website has updated. Translations follow:


The Pokémon movies take a new step forward.

It has been one year since the 20th anniversary blockbuster "I Choose You!".
Young talent has been added to the production team, starting on the top with the director, and the all new Pokémon movie "Everyone's Story" has finally been created.
This summer, we want you too to take a step forward alongside everyone, towards an adventure nobody has ever seen before.

Once a year, a "wind festival" is held in Fura City,
the city where people live together with the wind.
On the final day of the festival, the legendary Pokémon Lugia will appear and give the people the blessed wind,
a promise said to date back to the distant past.

Lisa, the highschooler and Pokémon rookie.
Kagachi, the braggart that just can't stop telling tall tales.
Trito, the timid researcher that lacks confidence.
Hisui, the old eccentric that hates Pokémon.
Largo, the mysterious little girl that hangs around in the forest all by herself.

While they're participating in the festival,
Satoshi and Pikachu meets these five companions by pure coincidence. Each of them has their own worries on their mind,
and are unable to take a step forward together with their partner Pokémon,
but when they meet each other, the cogs of destiny start turning......

Will the promise with Lugia be kept?
And just what is the true identity of the mythical Pokémon Zeraora??

Everyone's friendship, both people's and Pokémon's, will now cause a miracle to occur.

Character Profiles

Characters profiles and voice actor comments
SATOSHI (Partner Pokémon: The Mouse Pokémon Pikachu)

A boy aiming to become the world's greatest Pokémon Master. He continues his travels together with his partner Pikachu, wanting to meet Pokémon he's never seen before.

Voice: Rica Matsumoto
LARGO (Partner Pokémon: The Thunderclap Pokémon Zeraora)

A little girl living in Fura City, and the mayor's daughter. She's a resolute and kind little lady. It appears she has something to to with the mythical Pokémon Zeraora, but...

Voice: Mana Ashida
I think the bond between Satoshi and Pikachu, as well as between people and Pokémon in general, is wonderful and something to envy, so I got really happy when I was offered a role in the movie. Pokémon are so cute, and they really make you want to live together with them! Largo is strong-willed, but really innocent and gentle, and since everyone watching this movie also have something they want to protect, I hope that me playing this role will make them realize they can work hard and become stronger. I want to do my best to get on the same page as you all!
LISA (Partner Pokémon: The Evolution Pokémon Eievui)

A highschooler and Pokémon rookie. She came to the wind festival in order to get an Eievui, which she had promised her injured little brother.

Voice: Rina Kawaei
It's a genuine honor to be able to take part in the world of Pokémon, a world that a broad generation of people are familiar with, from kids to adults. i haven't had many opportunities to voice act yet, so I'm happy to be given this chance, and I practice a lot at home!! I want to do my absolute utmost to properly get across both the energetic aspect of Lisa, as well as her bond with Eievui and her relationship with the other characters in the movie!
TRITO (Partner Pokémon: The Egg Pokémon Lucky)

A Pokémon researcher who's bad at talking to others. He's participating in the wind festival in order to make a presentation related to his research, but he lacks the confidence and ends up just sitting there getting consoled by Lucky.

Voice: Gaku Hamada
I'm part of the generation that experienced Pokémon as a social phenomenon, where everyone played the video games and sang "Pokémon ieru ka na?" all the time, so when I got offered this role I got so excited I ended up inadvertedly shouting "Yeah!". When I look at the Pokémon that appear in this year's movie, especially my partner Lucky, I get filled with nostalgia. I hope that I and everyone else will be able to put together a new story so that we don't dishonor the tradition.
KAGACHI (Partner Pokémon: The Imitation Pokémon Usokkie)

A braggart that just can't stop telling tall tales. He visited the wind festival together with his beloved niece. It appears Usokkie adores him for a very particular reason. He talks about how "There's a super rare Pokémon in this city!", but...

Voice: Koji Ohkura
It's been said that I don't fit the Pokémon franchise, so the fact that a day where I got to be involved with the franchise eventually showed up was... quite shocking. I thought Kagachi was a difficult role to play, but I also think it's a role that especially adults can sympathise with. Since I'm so good at playing people that are going through something (laughs), I want to do my absolute utmost when it comes to this role, first of all to properly fit the movie, but more than anything in order to make children happy.
HISUI (Partner Pokémon: The Big Jaw Pokémon Waninoko)

An old woman living in Fura City that hates Pokémon. She started avoiding Pokémon because of something that happened in the past, but for some reason a lot of Pokémon follow her around, including a Waninoko.

Voice: Masako Nozawa
Although I initially misunderstood and thought I was being offered the role of "Waninoko" (laughs), I was still very happy I got to be a part of this movie. Since Pokémon has a very sweet and lovely worldview, I thought we were really far removed from one another, so I was really shocked by the offer. Me in a Pokémon movie?! The Hisui character fancies herself as normal, but from other people's point of view she's a bit eccentric... but also someone near and dear. I hope I will be able to express this when playing the role.

Lisa's younger brother. A young boy that loves Pokémon. He's hospitalized because of an injured leg.

Voice: Shoko Nakagawa
Once again, a new wind is blowing in the Pokémon movie, and I'm already super excited! In addition to the nostalgia felt from all the extremely familiar Pokémon that appear in this year's movie, it also combines this nostalgia with a very unique freshness, including the invigorating look of Satoshi's face, and I hope I can once again portray the kind of strength and weakness that you'll be able to truly feel because it's Pokémon.

The mayor of Fura City and Largo's father. He is a strict man with a strong sense of responsibility. He is constantly on the move in order to ensure that the wind festival is a success.

Voice: Koichi Yamadera
I was wondering if I'd be dropped from the Pokémon movies after the 20th anniversary, so I was really relieved I got to take a part in this year's movie as well. Last year I came up with a certain unique cry in response to the director's completely unreasonable demands, so I'm wondering what kind of crazy challenges I'll get this year...... I'm looking forward to it already. Since I'm going to play the father of Mana-chan's character Largo, my goal will be to be a father she won't be embarrassed by. I want to play the role so that she never ends up saying something like "Stop it, Yama-chan"!!

A mythical Pokémon said to live in the mountain recesses of Fura City. By emitting an electric current from the pads on its arms and legs, it's able to move through the air at the speed of lightning.

Species: Thunderclap Pokémon
Type: Electric
Height: 1.5m
Weight: 44.5kg

A legendary Pokémon said to appear on the final day of the wind festival and give the city blessed wind.

Species: Diving Pokémon
Type: Psychic/Flying
Height: 5.2m
Weight: 216.0kg

Teaser and trailer

Teaser 3:

Trailer 2:

In addition to the new teaser and trailer, new versions of the previous teaser and trailer were uploaded as well:

Teaser 2:

Trailer 1:

Source: http://www.pokemon-movie.jp/story/, http://www.pokemon-movie.jp/chara/ and http://www.pokemon-movie.jp/trailer/

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