More Pokémon Black and White Information Revealed

The official Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version has revealed tons of new information about the upcoming games. Cheren and Bianca names have been revealed, as well as a bunch of new Pokémon. Below is all the newly revealed information.

Pokémon Names

N# English Japanese Romanized German French Spanish Italian Thumbnail
504 Patrat ミネズミ Minezumi Nagelotz Ratentif Patrat Patrat
518 Musharna ムシャーナ Musharna Somnivora Mushana Musharna Musharna
527 Woobat コロモリ Koromori Fleknoil Chovsourir Woobat Woobat
529 Drilbur モグリュー Mogurew Rotomurf Rototaupe Drilbur Drilbur
563 Cofagrigus デスカーン Deathkarn Echnatoll Tutankafer Cofagrigus Cofagrigus
576 Gothitelle ゴチルゼル Gothiruselle Morbitesse Sidérella Gothitelle Gothitelle
579 Reuniclus ランクルス Ranculus Zytomega Symbios Reuniclus Reuniclus
610 Axew キバゴ Kibago Milza Coupenotte Axew Axew
628 Braviary ウォーグル Wargle Washakwil Gueriaigle Braviary Braviary

A Trainer's Tale

Your adventure as a Trainer will take you all across the Unova region, where you'll encounter many Pokémon, as well as many competitive Trainers. Before heading out to discover all that being a Trainer has to offer, you'll first meet a few nice folks in your own hometown. The small town you live in doesn't have much to offer for an eager Trainer. Your adventure begins when Professor Juniper delivers a gift to you and your two best friends, Cheren and Bianca! There's also a note attached to the gift, signed by Professor Juniper. Professor Juniper has one more gift for you when you visit her Pokémon Lab: a Pokédex! Your mom offers encouragement and advice as you start your journey! Now it's time for you and your friends to start your long and exciting adventure together!

friends friends


Cheren: Cheren is one of your childhood friends who will start a journey with you. His goal is to become the Pokémon Champion!
Bianca: Bianca is a childhood friend who, despite her father's initial reluctance, goes on an adventure with you. You'll meet up with her frequently.
Fennel: Professor Juniper's friend will hand you the C-Gear, a device with a variety of communication features. Fennel needs your help to complete her research.
N:You'll run into N quite a lot around the Unova region, and he'll often challenge you to battle when you meet. You'll have to discover who this mysterious character truly is and uncover his ultimate goal.


Changes in Unova

Some of the locations in the Unova region are different depending on whether you're playing Pokémon Black Version or Pokémon White Version. Even some of the towns have a different visual appeal depending on which version you play. Although they occupy the same location on the map, in Pokémon Black Version you'll find Black City, while in Pokémon White Version you'll head into White Forest.

Black City has many tall buildings for you to roam around and through. There are also plenty of people to talk to, as you'd expect in a big city. This city looks magnificent with its concrete and steel in one version. But in the other version, the same city is filled with ivy, flowers, and cobblestones. In the verdant White Forest, you'll experience the serenity of nature. But there are still important people for you to meet deep within the forest.


New Ways to Battle

There are all kinds of new ways to direct your Pokémon in battle, including Random Matchups and Triple Battles.

Triple Battles: Get ready to engage in wild three-on-three matches as Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version introduce Triple Battles! Each party has three Pokémon in battle at a time! Your Pokémon can attack only the foe in front of it or one adjacent to that Pokémon with normal-range attacks. The Pokémon in the center can attack all three of the opponent's Pokémon. But that Pokémon can also be attacked by all three opposing Pokémon! Use the Shift command on your Pokémon to swap it to the center position. The Pokémon you moved will be hit by the attack that was intended for the Pokémon that was previously there. Only the Pokémon in the center can use attacks that hit all three Pokémon at once. There's a new Ability that prevents damage from your other Pokémon's attacks, Telepathy. There's also a new move that prevents the effects of ranging attacks that would normally affect all of your Pokémon!

Source: http://www.pokemonblackwhite.com/

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