Movie 16 Website Update / Genesect Megalo Cannon Video

The Japanese Movie 16 website has updated with information about the new movie. It confirms that the title for the new movie will be Extremespeed Genesect: The Awakening of Mewtwo (神速のゲノセクト ミュウツー覚醒) and posted information about the main characters of both the feature movie and the short.

Extremespeed Genesect: The Awakening of Mewtwo

Genesect Mewtwo
Species: Paleozoic Pokémon
Type: Bug/Steel
Height: 1.5 m
Weight: 82.5 kg
Ability: Download
A Pokémon that existed 300 million years ago, altered by the Plasma Gang.
When it moves at high speed, it changes into its "Hi-Speed Flight Morph".
The type of it's move changes according to the kind of cassette slotted into the gun on its back.
"The Red Genesect"
It is faster than the normal Genesect, and acts as their leader.
Species: Genetic Pokémon
Type: Psychic
Height: 2.0 m
Weight: 122.0 kg
Ability: Pressure
A Pokémon created by the recombining of Mew's genes. It's battle prowess has been raised to the max.
"Kakusei" ("Awakening" - the word used in the movie title) is the act of waking up, or of snapping out of something.
It can also mean to come to one's senses and realize the errors of one's ways.
(Source: Shogakukan's Japanese Dictionary (Nihon kokugo daijiten).)
What does it mean for Mewtwo to "awaken"!?


Pikachu and its Eievui Friends (ピカチュウとイーブイフレンズ)

Information about the newly revealed Nymphia was also posted on the official movie website for the 16th movie short Pikachu and its Eievui Friends (ピカチュウとイーブイフレンズ).

Pikachu and its Eievui Friends

Eievui Nymphia
Species: Evolution Pokémon
Type: Normal
Ability: Run Away / Adaptability / Anticipation
Height: 0.3 m
Weight: 6.5 kg
Species: ???
Type: ???
Ability: ???
Height: 1.0 m
Weight: 23.5 kg


Source: http://www.pokemon-movie.jp/

Genesect Megalo Cannon Video

A promotional TOP SECRET video for the upcoming TCG expansion set Megalo Cannon (メガロキャノン) was posted on the official YouTube Pokémon page. It reveals the Plasma Gang's Project G and four cassettes: Blaze Cassette, Freeze Cassette, Aqua Cassette and Lightning Cassette that are used to change the attack type of Techno Blast.

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEcpV-cXeT0

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