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Gotta Catch 'em All (UK - CD1)

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Artists 50.Grind featuring Pokémon AllStars
Catalog # CDREC21
Release Date 2001-12-10
Media Type CD
Discs/Tracks 3 tracks on 1 disc
Runtime 13:25


The only official (= Nintendo sanctioned) UK single release. This is one of 5 versions released:

Acetate promo CD-R (same contents as CD1)
Cassette single (tracklisting unknown)
Daily Express promo sampler (feat. ~1 minute edits of the single and club mix versions)

This unfortunately failed to chart highly in the UK charts due to the distributor being liquidated at the last minute, leading to reportedly less than 1000-2000 copies of the singles being made in spite of the huge promotion at the time. It did crack the Top 75 at first.

Of two interesting notes:
-The term "Extended Version" being used...many single releases worldwide have not used the term much since CD-Singles replaced 12" vinyl singles in the early 1990's. And even so, extended mixes are usually much longer than 30 seconds (usually around 2 minutes or so) in the traditional sense. However, we're not complaining. This is an interesting mix in terms of the extra bits
-The Club Mix isn't an actual remix of the main track; instead it is an entirely new club mix which uses some Pokemon samples from the TV show, as do the main tracks as well
Track Listing
Disc # Track # Title Length
1 1 Extended Version
1 2 Radio Edit
1 3 Club Mix