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Sally's Gothitelle
English Sally's Gothitelle
Japanese サリイのゴチルゼル
Japanese (Romanized) Sarii no Gothiruselle
Japanese (Trans) Sally no Gothiruselle
Sally's Gothitelle lived and worked beside the Skyarrow Bridge with Sally and her father when Sally was a child. Sally's Gothitelle would would help Sally hand out juice and sweets to the passengers that were being ferried across the river while the Skyarrow bridge was under construction. When the bridge was completed, Sally and her father moved away as there was no need for a boat to ferry people across any longer. Sally's Gothitelle came with her when they moved, but it was sad that it had to leave the Skyarrow Bridge area.

Sally moved to a town where her uncle was working in a factory but she quickly transferred to a boarding school where she began studying to become a doctor. Her Gothitelle had to stay behind as she studied. During that time, Sally's Gothitelle became lonely and nostalgic as it remembered the good times they had working on the boat.

Ash and his friends were caught in an illusionary Time Slip created by Sally's Gothitelle the day that Ash and his friends were crossing the Skyarrow Bridge. While Ash and his friends were battling Sally's Gothitelle in the Time Slip attempting to return back to their time, the adult Sally appeared and tried to calm her Gothitelle down by explaining that she had become a qualified doctor now and had been transferred to a hospital nearby. She calmed Gothitelle down by telling it that she missed it very much and missed the happy days they had together. Satisfied with Sally response, the illusionary Time Slip fog that Gothitelle had created cleared up and Sally's Gothitelle disappeared while standing on one of the towers of the Skyarrow Bridge.
Move Type First Episode Used Notes
Psybeam Psychic BW 21 Attacked Ash and his friends while they were trying to cross the Skyarrow Bridge
Psychic Psychic BW 21 Untied the boat
Protect Normal BW 21 Blocked Snivy's Leaf Blade
Episodes (1)

The Lost World of Gothitelle!
The Skyarrow Bridge and Gothiruselle!

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