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Character Names
  • English / United States: Katharine's Gothita
  • Japanese / Japan: コハルのゴチム
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Koharu no Gothimu
  • Japanese (Trans) / Japan: Koharu's Gothimu
Voice Actors
Katharine's Gothita is a very selfish Pokémon who took a liking to Ash's Scraggy. Katharine and Katharine's Gothita form a combo and are now visiting gyms in the Unova region. Katharine's Gothita realizes that it can get its way whenever it wants by just playing Katharine and she quickly relents and agrees to whatever it wants.

When Katharine's Gothita decided that it liked Ash's Scraggy, Katharine's Gothita instructed Katharine to send out all her Pokémon so Ash Ketchum could decide which one of her Pokémon he'd trade with. When Ash Ketchum said he wasn't willing to trade, Katharine's Gothita got upset and in order to please it, Katharine's attitude changed as she tried to persuade Ash Ketchum by playing to his vanity. After numerous suggestions that Ash Ketchum was a weak opponent, Ash Ketchum agreed to battle against Katharine and if he lost he would trade his Zuruggu. Katharine lost the battle though and Ash's Scraggy wasn't traded to her but Katharine's Gothita got really mad at her for loosing.

Katharine's Gothita convinced Ash's Scraggy to come with it outside to get something to eat. They ended up getting in trouble with a Garbodor and Katharine's Deerling to use its Aromatherapy to calm down the raging Garbodor after Ash's Snivy had followed them to see what they were up to. Katharine's Gothita did not like the fact that Ash's Snivy had been looking up on them and it decided it wanted to battle it.

Battle against Ash's Snivy

Katharine's Gothita was quite mad at Ash's Snivy but it didn't stand a chance against it in battle. Ash's Snivy barely broke a sweat as it was able to counter and avoid all of Katharine's Gothita's attacks before it knocked it out with its Leaf Storm. Still upset, Katharine's Gothita ran off into the distance.
Known Moveset
Double Slap Type
First Seen: BW 57
Used in battle against Satoshi's Tsutarja to counter its Vine Whip
Psychic Type
First Seen: BW 57
Levitated Koharu from the table when she was eating
Hidden Power Type
First Seen: BW 57
Used in battle against Satoshi's Tsutarja
Psyshock Type
First Seen: BW 57
Used in battle against Satoshi's Tsutarja