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Shamus's Heatmor

Character Names
  • English / United States: Shamus's Heatmor
  • Japanese / Japan: スワマのクイタラン
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Suwama no Kuitaran
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Suwama's Kuitaran
Voice Actors
Kylan's Mienshao and Kylan's Watchog had a double battle against Shamus's Heatmor and Shamus's Emboar at the Astilbe Town Battle Club. The battle with Shamus didn't last very long but it garnered a lot of attention as they were both quickly overpowered after using their initial attacks. Shamus's Heatmor knocked them both to the ground and then Shamus's Emboar knocked them both out at the same time with a powerful Hammer Arm.

Double Battle against Ash's Tepig and Ash's Snivy

Ash Ketchum wanted to prove to Shamus that Tepig was a strong Pokémon and they decided to have a battle with Ash's Tepig as the focus. Ash's Tepig didn't battle until Ash's Snivy ended up getting knocked out. Right after that though, Ash's Tepig evolved into Ash's Pignite. After Ash's Pignite defeated Shamus, Shamus realized how much stronger Ash's Pignite had become and he tried to get it to join him again thinking that it would want to rejoin him despite the fact that he had rejected him a second time the day before. Ash's Pignite pretended that he was interested for a few moments before blowing fire into Shamus's face. Shamus ran off in psychotic pain while telling Ash's Pignite to remember him.
Known Moveset
Fire Spin Type
First Seen: BW 79
Used against Satoshi's Tsutarja
Fury Swipes Type
First Seen: BW 79
Used on Enbuoh to kncok it out of Attract.
Flame Burst Type
First Seen: BW 79
Knocked out both of Kenso's Pokémon at the same time