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Sunshine Ikezaki


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  • Flag Sunshine Ikezaki
  • Flag サンシャイン池崎
  • Flag Sunshine Ikezaki
Satoru Isazaki is a Japanese comedian that was born on October 9th, 1981. He is from Kanoya City, Kagoshima prefecture, Japan and is represented by Watanabe Entertainment. His stage name is Sunshine Ikezaki.

He regularly appears as a guest on Oha Suta and Pokénchi.
Series Title
POKENCHI 94 山寺宏一さんが映画の魅力を語る! / みんなで影絵に挑戦、マーシャドーVSサンシャイン池崎の夢のバトルが実現!?Koichi Yamadera Talks About the Movie's Highlights! / Everyone Tries Shadow Theater and the Dream Match Battle Between Marshadow and Sunshine Ikezaki Becomes Reality?!
POKENCHI 103 勉強がうまくいかずに元気がないりんかちゃんを「ポケモンハイテンションゲーム」で元気づけよう!Rinka-chan is Feeling Down Due to Her Studying Not Going All That Well, Let's Cheer Her Up with "Enthusiasm Pokémon Games"!
POKENCHI 105 栗原類くんがポケモンアニメのオススメシーンを紹介! / サンシャイン池崎がアニメを再現しようとして大暴走!?Louis Kurihara Presents His Recommendations for Scenes from the Pokémon Anime! / Sunshine Ikezaki Runs Wild Trying to Replicate the Anime?!
POKENCHI 106 みんなでネクロズマになりきるゲームで対決! / ポケモンヌードルとポケモンパンが美味しくなるワザを紹介!Everybody Competes Against Each Other in Necrozma Role Play Games! / A Presentation of Moves That Make Pokémon Noodles and Pokémon Pan Taste Better!
POKENCHI 108 アニメ放送1000回を記念して1000にまつわるゲームで対決! / サンシャイン池崎のアニメアフレコに密着!Commemorating the 1000th Broadcast Anime Episode by Competing in Games Based Around the Number "1000"! / Coverage of Sunshine Ikezaki's Anime Dubbing Session!
POKENCHI 112 ポケモン ウルトラサン・ウルトラムーンをみんなで遊びつくす! / 月食ヒャダイン、ヒャダインが驚きの姿で登場!?Everybody Plays Pokémon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon Together! / In The Lunar Eclipse Hyadain Segment, Hyadain Appears in a Shocking Form?!
POKENCHI 117 音を使ったポケモンサイエンスに挑戦! / あばれる君がジャラランガ専用のZワザを再現!? /「ポケモン竜王戦」最新情報!Attempting Pokémon Science that Utilizes Sound! / Abareru-kun replicates Jyararanga's exclusive Z-Move?! / The Latest Information on the "Pokémon Dragon King Match"!
POKENCHI 125 ドデカバシが大好きなサンシャイン池崎が考えたゲームで大盛り上がり! / ポケモンバトルでもドデカバシが登場!Raising the Roof with Games Dodekabashi Fan Sunshine Ikezaki Has Come Up With! / Dodekabashi Even Shows Up in the Pokémon Battle!
POKENCHI 131 風を使ったポケモンサイエンスでルギアのエアロブラストを再現!? / しょこたんが描いたポケカがついに完成!Replicating Lugia's Aeroblast with Pokémon Science that Utilizes Wind?! / The Pokémon Card Shokotan Designed is Finally Done!
POKENCHI 135 ルギアになりきったサンシャイン池崎とみんなでキズナを深めるゲームに挑戦 / 変装したしょこたんがポケモンセンターに潜入!?Everyone Plays Games That Will Strengthen Their Bonds Together with Sunshine Ikezaki, Who is Role Playing a Lugia / A Disguised Shokotan Infiltrates a Pokémon Center?!
POKENCHI 137 RENAさんの得意ワザであばれる君がひんし状態に!? / みんなで2018年ポケモン映画にちなんだゲームに挑戦!RENA's Special Moves Result in Abareru-kun Ending Up Only Barely Alive?! / Everybody Attempts Games Based Around the 2018 Pokémon Movie!
POKENCHI 138 ポケんちメンバーと一緒にポケモンの音楽を使ったゲームで大盛り上がり / 池崎VS岡崎で風のルギアを使ったバトル!Raising the Roof with Games that Utilize Pokémon Music Together with the Pokénchi Residents / A Battle Between Ikezaki and Okazaki Where the Wind Lugia is Used!
POKENCHI 143 映画公開記念SP、ポケんち流「風祭り」を開催!? / 映画にちなんだゲームに挑戦! / 映画ゲスト声優からのメッセージも!A Movie Premiere Commemoration Special, Where We Hold a Pokénchi-Style "Wind Festival"?! / Attempting Games based on the Movie! / Special Messages from the Movie's Guest Voice Actors, Too!
POKENCHI 147 遊びに行くのは海か山か、海チームと山チームに分かれてゲーム対決! / あばれる君とポケだちがタッグをくんでポケモンバトル!?Splitting into a Sea Team and a Mountain Team to face Each Other in Games to Determine Whether They're Going to the Sea or the Mountains! / Abareru-kun and a Pokénd Form a Tag Team for a Pokémon Battle?!
POKENCHI 150 チームに分かれて「相棒ゲーム」で対決! / しょこたんとサンシャイン池崎がポケだちと相棒になってマルチバトル!Splitting Into Teams and Facing Each Other in "Partner Games"! / Shokotan and Sunshine Ikezaki Become Partners with Pokénds and Have a Multi Battle!
POKENCHI 160 サンシャイン池崎と小池ニャースがコンビを結成!? / 栗原類くんが「Let's Go! ピカチュウ・イーブイ」にちなんだクイズを出題!Sunshine Ikezaki and Koike Nyarth Form a Duo?! / Louis Kurihara Hosts a Quiz Based on "Let's Go Pikachu/Eievui"!
POKENCHI 165 鈴木福くんが妹と弟を連れてポケんちに登場!/池崎サンタが持ってきた豪華プレゼントをかけてゲームに挑戦!Fuku Suzuki Brings His Little Sister and Little Brother with Him to Pokénchi! / Attempting Games to Win the Extravagant presents the Ikezaki Santa Brought with Him!
POKENCHI 167 サンシャイン池崎等、ポケんちにやってきたポケだちから年賀状が届いて思い出話で大盛り上がり!Excited Reminiscing Caused by New Years' Cards From Sunshine Ikezaki and other Pokénds That Have Visited Pokénchi!
POKENCHI 168 「サン&ムーン」の監督がやってきて、みんなでアフレコ特訓に挑戦! / 監督が上手だと思えばアニメ出演も!?The Director of "Sun & Moon" Visits and Everyone Attempts Dub Training! / They'll Even get Roles in the Anime if the Director Thinks They're Good?!
POKENCHI 173 ドデカバシになりきって「おいかぜ」や「くちばしキャノン」をくり出すゲームに挑戦! / ポケんちと連動したガオーレを宇宙初プレイ!Attempting Games Where You Role Play Dodekabashi, Unleashing "Tailwind" and "Beak Blast"! / Playing Ga-Olé's Crossover With Pokénchi for the First Time in the Universe!!
POKENCHI 177 Let's陽ヒャダインが再び「陽パーク」を開園! / サンシャイン池崎の昔の姿「サンシャ陰池崎」と一緒にサイレントゲームに挑戦!Let's Yang Hyadain Once Again Opens the "Yang Park"! / Attempting the Silent Game Alongside Sunshine Ikezaki's Past Self, "Sunshyin Ikezaki"!
POKENCHI 183 ロケット団のボス・サカキに憧れるサンシャイン池崎と「盗み食いゲーム」で対決 / 映画「名探偵ピカチュウ」ポケモン謎解きに挑戦!Fighting Rocket Gang Boss Sakaki Fan Sunshine Ikezaki in a "Food Snitching Game" / Attempting Pokémon Riddles Based on the Movie "Detective Pikachu"!
POKENCHI 185 ポケんちスクール第2弾は算数、みんなで重さを当てるゲームに挑戦 / 池崎がヤレユータンになりきって登場!The Second Installment of the Pokénchi School Features Math, with Everyone Attempting a Weight Guessing Game / Ikezaki Shows Up Role Playing a Yareyuutan!
POKENCHI 190 サンシャイン池崎と一緒に、エボリューションしたポケモンサイエンスに挑戦!The Hosts, Alongside Sunshine Ikezaki, Attempt Pokémon Science That Has Undergone an Evolution!
POKENCHI 192 みんなでアローラポケモンリーグの注目のポケモンやトレーナーについて語りまくる! / しょこたんがレコーディングへ!! / あばれる君が、ポケモンカードゲーム日本一を決める大会へ!Everyone Discusses the Pokémon and Trainers in the Alola Pokémon League Worth Paying Attention to with Great Enthusiasm! / Shokotan Goes to Record!! / Abareru-kun Heads to the Tournament that will Determine Who's the Best in Japan at the Pokémon Card Game!
POKENCHI 198 サンシャイン池崎と岡崎体育がザキザキ団を結成、大好きなポケモンのグソクムシャのゲームで大盛り上がり! / しょこたんが「タイプ:ワイルド」を熱唱!!Sunshine Ikezaki and Taiiku Okazaki Form a Zakizaki Gang and Approach a Game Based Around Their Beloved Pokémon Gusokumusha with Great Enthusiasm! / Shokotan Gives a Passionate Performance of "Type: Wild"!!
POKENCHI 209 サンシャイン池崎、STU48と一緒にみんなで新ポケモン“マホイップ”のポケモンサイエンスに挑戦!/ ソード・シールドの最新情報Everyone Joins Sunshine Ikezaki and a Member of STU48 to Attempt Pokémon Science Based Around the New Pokémon "Mawhip"! / The Latest Info on Sword/Shield!
POKENCHI 212 ゲーム最新作「ポケモン ソード・シールド」登場記念スペシャル!/ サンシャイン池崎たちと一緒にキョダイマックスをサイエンスで再現!?/ 新アニメ記念生放送A Special Celebrating the Release of the New Video Games "Pocket Monsters Sword/Shield"! / The Hosts are Joined by Sunshine Ikezaki and Friends as They use Science to Replicate Kyodaimax?! / A Live Broadcast Celebrating the New Anime
POKENCHI 215 ポケんちでクリスマスパーティー! / みんなでクリスマスプレゼントをかけたサイレントゲームに挑戦!A Christmas Party at Pokénchi! / Everyone Attempts a Silent Game that has Christmas Presents at Stake!
POKENCHI 217 サンシャイン池崎と四千頭身がサトシとゴウ、ヒバニーになってやってきた!? / ヒバニーになりきってハイタッチゲームに挑戦!Sunshine Ikezaki and Yonsen-toshin Show Up Dressed as Satoshi, Go and Hibanny?! / Attempting a High Five Game Where You Role Play Hibanny!