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Captain (Pirate Ship)


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  • Flag Captain
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Captain lived over 300 years ago and sailed around the Orange Archipelago on a pirate ship along with his Gastly and Haunter. Captain was also a champion in the Orange Island League where he used his Gastly to defeat a Beedrill during the tournament. The captain met his demise when a bad storm sank his pirate near Moral Island and the wreckage remained undisturbed until a couple of deep sea divers located the ship and scavenged the Orange Island League trophy which was placed in a museum. Gastly and Haunter awakened from their Pokéballs and rose the ship above the water to search for the Orange Island trophy and replace it back inside the ship as a tribute to their late master.
Owned Pokémon
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  • United States Captain's Gastly
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  • United States Captain's Haunter