Known As:
  • Flag A.J.
  • Flag アキラ
  • Flag Akira
  • Flag Albert
Voiced By:
Akira runs an unofficial Pokémon gym. He owns many Pokémon, but favors his Sandshrew. He won 98 consecutive wins and was undefeated. Ash challenged him to a battle, but was defeated, ultimately making him Akira’s 99th victory. After discovering Akira’s vigorous training routine, Ash Ketchum criticized Akira’s methods. Brock and Misty, however, were impressed with the strength of his Pokémon.

When A.J.'s Sandshrew was stolen by Team Rocket, Akira and the others went looking for it. After finding Team Rocket, he challenged them to a battle where he earned his 100th win. With this victory, Akira felt ready to finally start travelling in attempts to becoming a Pokémon master.
Owned Pokémon
Character Thumbnail
  • United States A.J.'s Butterfree
  • Japan アキラのバタフリー
  • Japan Akira no Butterfree
Character Thumbnail
  • United States A.J.'s Sandshrew
  • Japan アキラのサンド
  • Japan Akira no Sand
Character Thumbnail
  • United States A.J.'s Rattata
  • Japan アキラのコラッタ
  • Japan Akira no Koratta
Character Thumbnail
  • United States A.J.'s Beedrill
  • Japan アキラのスピアー
  • Japan Akira no Spear