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Ethan's Magnemite (Number 6)
English Ethan's Magnemite (Number 6)
Japanese フォードのコイル
Japanese (Romanized) Ford no Coil
Ethan takes his Magnemite in the waste and tundra areas and when a thunderstorm appears Ethan would send the Magnemite into the sky to absorb electricity from the lightning. The Magnemite would act as batteries and provide power to the local towns. Magnemite number six was a rogue Magnemite which would stray away from the rest of the pack and Jolteon would sometimes have to lead it back towards the others.After seeing the rest of the Magnemite being stolen by Jessie, James and Meowth, it evolved and rescued them all.
Episodes (1)

The Little Coil on the Prairie!
Get Along, Little Pokemon

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