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Pokémon Get TV (ポケモンゲット☆TV)
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TV Tokyo Sunday - 7:30am - 8:30am Variety Show October 6th, 2013
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About the Show

As a tie-in for the release of Pocket Monsters X and Pocket Monsters Y, TV Tokyo ended their Pokémon variety show Pokémon Smash and relaunched it as Pokémon Get TV (ポケモンゲット☆TV). Like Pokémon Smash, the show is a hour Pokémon-themed variety show running on Sunday mornings at 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM. Shoko Nakagawa was the only host from Pokémon Smash that transferred over to Pokémon Get TV as long running hosts TIM and Robert did not stay on. The show was announced in a special Pokémon press release for TV Tokyo to celebrate the channels 50th Anniversary.


The popular comedian duo Taka and Toshi replaced TIM as the main adult group on the show. Office Chief Taka is the pleasant office chief who has a deep love for Pokémon despite his feigned ignorance. Producer Toshi is a highly talented producer livening up the show and Taka's short-tempered straight man.

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Anchor Shoko-tan hosts her own news segment on the show, similar to the position she held in the marketing department on Smash. Director Yukito is the young director working his hardest every day to ensure the show goes on. He's known as a spirited hunk who's just as cute as a Pokémon. AD Harimaron is novice Assistant Director who's still young and inexperienced, but despite all the trouble he causes, his passion for the show is second to none. Director Robin, Director Yukito's older and taller counterpart joined the cast in episode 9 of the series.

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In episode 25, the new AD Pikachu joined the cast, replacing AD Harimaron.

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PokéTV Challenge!!! (ポケ☆テレ チャレンジ!!!)

In this segment, Toshi hosts an activity for the three other program hosts and the guests of the day participate in a challenging activity. Each activity will have a Pokémon-related present as a reward, and if the group manage to complete the activity, the reward will be given out to a TV viewer, selected by lottery. Currently featured challenge activities are listed below:

Brainbuster Quiz! PokéRiddle (頭お目覚めクイズ!ポケナゾ): The group is given an illustrated riddle, and each of them need to whisper the answer to Toshi before time runs out. The group is not allowed to discuss the answers among each other, but Toshi will tell what the wrong answers he is given are. Once time is about to run out, hints will be given. The challenge is completed if all members of the group answer correctly before the time is up.

Add and Remove! Dakuten Quiz (つけてはずして!だくてんQ): The group lines up, and Toshi gives the first member a Pokémon name. The member needs to say the name of this Pokémon with all kana that can have dakuten changed to that kana, and all kana with dakuten changed to their dakuten-less equivalents. Once an answer has been given, right or wrong, the next member is given another Pokémon name. If the group gets through 12 questions without failing more than once, the challenge is completed.

Connected by Words! Pokémon Train (ことばでつなげ!ポケモントレイン): Two Pokémon names are given, and the group members play a game of Shiritori, starting with the first Pokémon, and attempting to get to the second Pokémon. If the group manages to get to the second Pokémon before each member has said two words each, the challenge is completed.

Read in Reverse! Nmokepo-rap (逆から読んで!ンモケポラップ): The group lines up, and Toshi sings a Pokémon name to the first member in rap fashion. The member needs to say the name of this Pokémon as if the kana were written backwards,. Once an answer has been given, right or wrong, the next member is given another Pokémon name. If the group gets through 12 questions without failing more than once, the challenge is completed.

Search for Words! Pokémon Word Puzzle (ことばを探せ!ポケモンことばパズル): In this game, the group is given the name of a Pokémon. Each member then needs to rearrange some or all of the kana that make up this name to form a new word. The members go up to the board in order, so the next member will not get to go up to the board and make a word before the current member is done. If all members manage to make one word each within 1 minute and 30 seconds, the challenge is completed.

What Does This Picture Remind You Of? PokéDrawing (絵で見て連想!ポケカキ): In this game, one member is shown the picture of a Pokémon for 10 seconds, and will then be given 20 seconds to draw as close a copy as possible. The next member will then get to look at the picture the first member drew for 10 seconds, and will get 20 seconds to make a copy of that, and so on. Once the final member gets to see the picture the second-to-final member drew, he or she will then be shown 6 Pokémon, and asked to guess which of them was being drawn. If the guess is correct, the challenge is completed.

Image-based Calligraphy! PokéCharacters (イメージでお習字!ポケモジ): In this game, all the members except for one will be shown a picture of a specific Pokémon, and will have to draw a kanji character that they feel describe it. Kanji representing Pokémon types or animals are not allowed. The last member will then look at the kanji the others drew, and guess which of six Pokémon they're supposed to represent. If the guess is correct, the challenge is completed.

Let's Hit the Exact Pokémon (ポケモンピッタリあてましょう): In this game, a specific amount of kilograms is given, and each of the members will choose one Pokémon from a given group. If the combined total weight of all the selected Pokémon comes just short of the given amount, the challenge is completed.

Keep that Combo Going! Pokémon Battle Trozei (コンボを決めろ! ポケモンバトルトローゼ): In this game, all the members play a single level of Pokémon Battle Trozei each. The highest total combo for each member is then added together, and this combined total combo score decides which prizes from a given prize list will be given out. Unlike the other games, this challenge doesn't have a single prize being given out if a specific goal is completed, but multiple prizes that will get given out if the combined total exceeds certain given benchmarks.

Other Segments

Get them! The Pokémon Hide-and-seek Game (ゲットさせるな!ポケモンかくれんぼゲーム): In this segment, popular comedian Toshiaki Kasuga from the comedy duo Audrey is sent into a house where the kids of the household have hidden Pokémon plushies, and is tasked with finding them all within 1 hour. Spread throughout the house are also a number of monster balls, which can be opened if found. These contain either "Lucky Cards", which give Kasuga an extra advantage, or "Unlucky Cards", which forces him to complete a specific punishment before continuing. For every 20 minutes that pass before he find all the plushies, the participating kids win a Pokémon-related prize.

Around the Clock with the FPI (密着FPI24時): This segment follows agents of the FPI; The Fushigina Pokémonnonazo Iroiroshirabetai (Bureau of Investigations of All Kinds of Strange Pokémon Mysteries). The agents are portrayed by foreign actors speaking purposely poor English with equally poor subtitles, paired with Japanese comedians acting as their interpretor. Each installment of this segment follows a different agent/interpretor duo as they "investigate" a current Pokémon-related news story, giving the viewers information on it as they go.

The Pokémon Zukan Completion Journey (ポケモンずかん完成の旅): This segment follows comedian Abareru-kun, dressed up as the Pocket Monsters X/Y protagonist Calme, on his journey through Japan, traveling from the northernmost point to the southernmost point. He was given a copy of Pocket Monsters Y when he started out, and plays through the game as he goes. His objective is to fully complete the Central Kalos Zukan before the journey is over, though he is not allowed to catch any other Pokémon but Yayakoma, and will instead have to trade with people he meets on his way to get new Pokémon.

After completing this challenge, Abareru-kun set off on a new journey, where he attempts to make a certain number of trades in the area he's in within a strict time limit. If he manages to fulfill this task, a gift is given out to a viewer via lottery. In addition to this trying to reach his quota, Abareru-kun also receives special orders from Taka, who attempts to boost ratings by giving him additional tasks to complete for the viewers' entertainment.

How to Get Better at Battles (バトルが強くなるコツ): Anchor Shoko-tan, the only host to actually be skilled in Pokémon battling, teaches the viewers, guests and other hosts about various gameplay mechanisms, combos and tricks to make them better. The segments conclude with battles where the "students" can demonstrate what they've learned from the lecture.

PokéBoard (ポケスゴ): In this segment, Kasuga and other famous celebrities compete against each other on a giant board game, rolling die and attempting to get to the goal before the others. The fields they land on on the board each have various effects, such forcing all the contestants into a small competition against each other with the winner getting extra advantages, the players receiving or losing cards that can be used to attack other players or help them get closer to the goal, and so on. Along the way, the contestants also collect bonus points; the amount of bonus points they collect determines how many prizes will be given out to the viewers.

Pokémon Survival! (PokéSurv) 「ポケモンサバイバル!(ポケサバ!)」: In this segment, the hosts and a special guest all get dropped into an arena to compete against each other. Each of them have a Nintendo 3DS and an X/Y game with a single Pokemon on their team. By locating another participant and throwing a ball at them, they get to fight that participant, with the victor getting all the loser's Pokémon. The participants are all constantly aware of which Pokemon the others have, so they can search out participants their Pokémon and strong against while actively avoiding participants they can't win against. All the battles are one-on-one; if participants have multiple Pokémon on their team, they will have to select which one to use. Along the way, the participants get the chance to obtain various helpful items like TMs and mega stones. When a participant is defeated once, they're out of the game, with the winner being the last man standing.

Pokémon Card Game XY Skit Battle (ポケカXYネタバトル): In this segment, various comedians each present a skit based around the Pokémon Card game, and a jury votes on their favorite.

Robin's Poké-Cooking (ロビンのポケCooking): In this segment, which usually starts off the episodes, Director Robin shows the viewers and their mothers a recipe for a specific monster ball-styled rice ball. The official Get TV website has a special section for this segment where recipes get posted after each episode.

Pokémon Morning News (ポケモン モーニングニュース): In this segment, Anchor Shoko-tan gives a short presentation of a current Pokémon-related news story, with AD Harimaron sometimes assisting her.

Homework for the Entire Family! PokéTV Mission (家族で宿題! ポケテレミッション!): One or more families get an assignment and a certain amount of time to practice for it (which can be anything from a week to like 30 minutes) and then they attempt to complete the assignment in a Pokémon Center with a full audience. If they manage to complete the assignment, they win a box they've previously filled with whatever they wanted from that Pokémon Center.

The rules vary depending on the assignment, sometimes the entire family needs to complete, sometimes each family member starts from scratch and only one need to pass to win and sometimes the next member picks up where the previous one failed and as long as they make it through without all three failing, they win.

Kasuga's Road to Becoming a Contest Star (春日のコンテストスターへの道): In Pokémon ORAS, players can have a Pokémon become a Contest Star by making it reach the Master Rank in all five Contest types, so Kasuga likewise attempted to become a Contest Star by winning various contests throughout Japan.

PokéTV Collection Team (ポケテレ収集団!):

Let's All Search! Secret Bases (みんなで探そう!ひみつきち):

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