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Takahiro Suzuki


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  • Flag Takahiro Suzuki
  • Flag 鈴木崇大
  • Flag Takahiro Suzuki
Takahiro Suzuki was born on April 3rd, 1976 in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. He is part of the comedy duo Taka and Toshi (タカアンドトシ). On Pokémon Get TV, his is Office Chief Taka, the pleasant office chief who has a deep love for Pokémon despite his feigned ignorance.

On Thursday June 5th, 2014 episode of Oha Suta, Office Chief Taka and Producer Toshi presented this episode's installment of Oha Oha Ranking. It was a crossover/promotion segment for Pokémon Get TV. Taka insists on doing the presentation. He then presented get "Office Chief Taka's 3 Favorite Pokémon".

Taka's Top 3 Favorite Pokémon

Number 3: Lucario - "Because it's cool. And strong."
Number 2: Kamonegi - "Because it's cute. And strong. And I like it's color."
Number 1: Karakara - "Because it's cute, and it wears a skeleton... it has the skull of its mother on it's head. It protects its poor mother, like a mother protects her girl from the rain while waiting for the bus... I want to wear my mother's skull the same way."
Series Title
GETTV 1 XYの魅力をランキング形式でお届け / ゲストはFUJIWARA&柳原可奈子さん / ポケモンかくれんぼゲームにオードリー・春日が登場!Presenting the High Points of XY in a Ranking Format / FUJIWARA and Kanako Yanagihara Come on as Guests / Kasuga from Audrey Takes the Stage in the Pokémon Hide-and-Seek Game!
GETTV 2 ポケモン! きみにきめた! / パンサーと原幹恵さんをゲストに迎えてポケテレチャレンジ! / アチャモのプレゼント情報 / 謎の組織「FPI」が登場!Pokémon! I Choose You! / Panther and Mikie Hara Come on as Guests and Take the PokéTV Challenge! / Information on the Achamo Giveaway! / The Mysterious Organization 'FPI' Makes their Appearance!
GETTV 3 たいけつ! ポケモンセンター! / ゆきとディレクターが考えた「想像を超えろ!メガシンカの世界」、身近なものがメガシンカ? / ハリマロン・フォッコ・ケロマツの新情報!Confrontation! Pokémon Center! / Director Yukito Comes up with the Segment 'Beyond Imagination! The World of Mega Evolution', where Everyday Objects Mega Evolve? / New Information on Harimaron, Fokko and Keromatsu!
GETTV 4 ポケモン ゲットだぜ! / Hi-Hi、ザブングル、トレンディエンジェル、どぶろっくの4組がポケカを使ってネタバトル! / ポケカXY最新情報!Get Pokémon! / Hi-Hi, Xabungle, Trendy Angel and Doburock Participate in a Skit Battle Using Pokémon Cards! / The Latest News on the Pokémon XY Cards!
GETTV 5 サムライしょうねんのちょうせん! / 2回目の「ゲットさせるな!ポケモンかくれんぼゲーム」、春日からポケモンたちを隠し通せるか!? / ポケテレチャレンジChallenge of the Samurai Boy! / Can the Pokémon be Kept from Kasuga in the Second Installment of 'Get Them! The Pokémon Hide-and-seek Game'!? / PokéTV Challenge
GETTV 6 ニビジムのたたかい! / お笑い芸人「あばれる君」がポケモンXYの主人公になりきって交換だけで図鑑完成を目指す旅番組を放送!The Fight at Nibi Gym! / The Broadcast of a Travelogue Show where Comedian 'Abareru-kun' is Turned into the Protagonist of Pokémon X/Y and Sent to Complete the Zukan Purely by Trading!
GETTV 7 ピッピとつきのいし / 「ポケモン捜査官FPI密着24時」、ポケモン竜王戦の出場者をスカウトするべく竜の名を持つ有名人を突撃!Pippi and the Moon Stone / In This Installment of 'Around the Clock with Pokémon Investigators from the FPI', the FPI Assault Celebrities with Names Relating to the Word 'Dragon' in Order to Recruit Contestants for the Pokémon Dragon King Match!
GETTV 8 ハナダシティのすいちゅうか / 「ポケモンずかん完成の旅」第2回、あばれる君は初のポケモン交換なるか? / ポケテレチャレンジに新ゲーム登場!The Water Flowers of Hanada City / Will Abareru-kun Make his First Pokémon Trade in this Second Installment of 'The Pokémon Zukan Completion Journey'? / A New Game Debuts in the PokéTV Challenge!
GETTV 9 ポケモンリーグへのみち / 「ポケモンかくれんぼゲーム」第3回 / メガシンカした番組を作るため新たなポケテレ局員が登場、新メンバーは?Road to the Pokémon League / The Third Installment of the 'Pokémon Hide-and-seek Game' / The Show Mega Evolves as a New PokéTV Staff Member Shows Up! Who is this New Member?
GETTV 10 ポケモンひっしょうマニュアル / 遊助さんがポケテレチャレンジに挑戦、クリアでアニメ「ポケモンXY」主題歌を披露 / しょこたんキャスターとタカ局長がXYでガチバトル!Pokémon Victory Manual / Yusuke Takes Part in the PokéTV Challenge, and Will Sing the 'Pokémon XY' Theme Song if it is Cleared! / Anchor Shoko-tan and Office Chief Taka Have a Decisive Showdown in XY!
GETTV 11 かくれざとのフシギダネ / ドランクドラゴン・鈴木拓の持ち込み企画「ポケモンカードゲーム最強軍団を作ろう」 / 来年のポケモン映画のスクープ!Fushigidane of the Hidden Village / Taku Suzuki from Drunk Dragon Introduces his 'Let's Create the Ultimate Pokémon Card Game Corps' Project! / A Scoop on Next Year's Pokémon Movie!
GETTV 12 はぐれポケモン・ヒトカゲ / ポケモンずかん完成の旅、あばれる君が岩手県に突入! / 「出演者サイン入りオリジナル ニンテンドー3DS LL」をプレゼント!Stray Pokémon Hitokage / In Today's Installent of The Pokémon Zukan Completion Journey, Abareru-kun Goes to Iwate! / An Original Nintendo 3DS LL Signed by the Hosts Will be Given Away!
GETTV 13 ゼニガメぐんだんとうじょう! / 「モンコレ」を使った新企画に芸人・ジャングルポケットが登場 / ポケテレチャレンジに新ゲーム「絵で見て連想!ポケカキ!」登場!Enter the Zenigame Squad! / Comedians Jungle Pocket Take the Stage in a New Segment Centered Around 'Moncolle' / The New Game 'What Does This Picture Remind You Of? PokéDrawing!' Premiers in the PokéTV Challenge!
GETTV 14 マサキのとうだい / 「ポケモンXYバトル講座」第2弾、テーマは「とくせい」 / 山田親太郎と春香クリスティーンがタカトシとガチンコマルチバトル!Masaki's Lighthouse / The Second 'Pokémon XY Battle Lecture', where the Theme is 'Abilities' / Shintaro Yamada and Haruka Christine Have a Decisive Multi Battle Against Taka and Toshi!
GETTV 15 でんげきたいけつ! クチバジム / 「ゲットさせるな!ポケモンかくれんぼゲーム」第4回 / ポケテレチャレンジに新ゲームが登場 / 最新ポケモン情報!Electric Shock Showdown! Kuchiba Gym / The 4th Installment of 'Get Them! The Pokémon Hide-and-Seek Game' / A New Game Debuts in the PokéTV Challenge / The Latest Pokémon News!
GETTV 16 サントアンヌごうのたたかい! / 第4回「ポケモンずかん完成の旅」、制限時間内に10匹のポケモン交換ができないとハリマロくんと離れ離れに!Battle Aboard the St. Anne! / The Fourth Installment of 'The Pokémon Zukan Completion Journey', Where Abareru-kun Will be Separated from Harimaro-kun if he Doesn't Manage to Trade 10 Pokémon Within the Time Limit!
GETTV 17 ポケモンひょうりゅうき / 第5回「ポケモンずかん完成の旅」佐渡島に着いたあばれる君、ポケモン交換を求めて「寒ブリ大漁まつり」へ!?A Pokémon Robinsonade / In the Fifth Installment of 'The Pokémon Zukan Completion Journey', Abareru-kun is Visiting Sado Island, and Heads to the 'Winter Yellowtail Fishing Festival' in Search of Pokémon Trades!?
GETTV 18 きょだいポケモンのしま!? / 小学生の男子と女子がポケモン交換等をする「ポケ活」を楽しむ新企画が登場、パーティー後はマルチバトルで異性に告白も!Island of the Giant Pokémon!? / The Premiere of the Fun New Segment 'PokéAct' Where Boys and Girls in Grade School Can Do Activties Like Trading Pokémon, Complete with a Post-Party Multi Battle where the Kids will Have to Ask their Partner Up!
GETTV 19 アオプルコのきゅうじつ / 第5回「ゲットさせるな!ポケモンかくれんぼゲーム」、かくれんぼゲーム史上初となるマンションでのかくれんぼ!Holiday at Aopulco / For the First Time Ever, the Hide-and-Seek Game is Played in an Apartment in This 5th Installment of 'Get Them! The Pokémon Hide-and-Seek Game'!
GETTV 20 ロケット団 愛と青春の原点 / 第6回「ポケモンずかん完成の旅」、あばれる君の地元・福島県で厳しいノルマ達成を目指す!The Rocket Gang's Romantic and Youthful Origin / In This 6th Installment of 'The Pokémon Zukan Completion Journey', Abareru-kun Aims to Achieve a Strict Quota in His Home Prefecture Fukushima
GETTV 21 ゆうれいポケモンとなつまつり / 第1回「楽しく強くなろう! ポケバトツアーズ!」、今回は幕張周辺のグルメをかけてポケモンバトル! / 内田篤人選手が登場!Pokémon Ghosts and the Summer Festival / In this First Installment of 'Get Better While Having Fun! PokéBatTours!', the Group has Pokémon Battles for Food Near Makuhari! / Atsuto Uchida Appears!
GETTV 22 バイバイバタフリー / 第7回「ポケモンずかん完成の旅」、科学の街「つくば」で18時までに20匹を交換できるか?Bye Bye Butterfree / In This 7th Installment of 'The Pokémon Zukan Completion Journey', will Abareru-kun Manage to Make 20 Trades in Tsukuba, the City of Science, Before 6pm?
GETTV 23 ケーシィ! ちょうのうりょくたいけつ! / 第6回「ゲットさせるな!ポケモンかくれんぼゲーム」、今回はぬいぐるみではなくポケモンカードゲームのカードでかくれんぼ!Casey! Psionic Confrontation! / In this 6th Installment of 'Get Them! The Pokémon Hide-and-seek Game', Kasuga is No longer Searching for Plushies, but for Cards from the Pokémon Card Game!
GETTV 24 ポケモンタワーでゲットだぜ! / 第8回「ポケモンずかん完成の旅」セントラルカロスずかん残り38匹を1日で集められるか!?/ ずかん完成で旅はどうなる?Getting one in the Pokémon Tower! / In This 8th Installment of 'The Pokémon Zukan Completion Journey', Will Abareru-kun Manage to Collect All 38 Remaining Pokémon in the Central Kalos Zukan in One Day!? / What Will Happen to the Journey When the Zukan is Complete?
GETTV 25 ゴーストVSエスパー! / ポケテレチャレンジのメガシンカスペシャル / 新企画「ロビンのポケCooking」開始 / メガシンカに関する豪華賞品を視聴者プレゼント!Ghost VS Psychic! / A PokéTV Challenge Mega Evolution Special / The New Segment 'Robin's PokéCooking' Begins / Extravagant Mega Evolution-related Prizes Will be Given Out to Viewers!
GETTV 26 おこらないでねオコリザル! / あばれる君がゲストで登場、ポケテレメンバーに会いに来た理由とは? / 「あばれる君の旅」未公開映像もオンエア!Don't Get Mad, Okorizaru! / Abareru-kun Comes on the Show as a Guest! Why Does He Want to See the PokéTV Members? / The Never-Before-Seen Clip Collection 'Abareru-kun's Journey' will also be Shown!
GETTV 27 エリカとクサイハナ / 第7回「ゲットさせるな!ポケモンかくれんぼゲーム」、オードリー・春日は無敗記録を更新できるか!?Erika and Kusaihana / Can Kasuga from Audrey Keep his Undefeated Streak Going in this 7th Installment of 'Get Them! The Pokémon Hide-and-seek Game'!?
GETTV 28 スリーパーとポケモンがえり!? / ロビン率いるポケテレチームとJリーグ選手がサッカーバトル!? / ポケモン映画の最新情報!Sleeper and Pokémon Regression!? / A Soccer Battle between the PokéTV Team, Led by Robin, and J-League Players!? / The Latest Pokémon Movie News!
GETTV 29 ポケットモンスターXY特別編 「最強メガシンカ ~Act I(アクトワン)~」 / 「ポケモンWCS2014」に挑戦するポケテレ代表メンバーを決定するためメンバーとゲストでポケモンバトル!Pocket Monsters XY Special 'The Strongest Mega Evolution ~Act I~' / A Battle Between the Hosts and the Guests to Determine who Gets to Go to the 'Pokémon WCS 2014' as PokéTV Representatives!
GETTV 30 ロコン! ブリーダーたいけつ! / 第10回(リニューアル第2回)「ポケモンずかん完成の旅」あばれる君が愛知県でポケモン交換、今回の視聴率アップ指令は!?Rokon! Breeder Showdown! / In the 10th Installment (and 2nd Renewal Installment) of the 'Pokémon Zukan Completion Journey', Abareru-kun Goes to Aichi to Trade Pokémon! What will the Orders Intended to Increase Ratings be This Time!?