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Takahiro Suzuki
English Takahiro Suzuki
Japanese 鈴木崇大
Japanese (Romanized) Takahiro Suzuki
Takahiro Suzuki was born on April 3rd, 1976 in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. He is part of the comedy duo Taka and Toshi (タカアンドトシ). On Pokémon Get TV, his is Office Chief Taka, the pleasant office chief who has a deep love for Pokémon despite his feigned ignorance.

On Thursday June 5th, 2014 episode of Oha Suta, Office Chief Taka and Producer Toshi presented this episode's installment of Oha Oha Ranking. It was a crossover/promotion segment for Pokémon Get TV. Taka insists on doing the presentation. He then presented get "Office Chief Taka's 3 Favorite Pokémon".

Taka's Top 3 Favorite Pokémon

Number 3: Lucario - "Because it's cool. And strong."
Number 2: Kamonegi - "Because it's cute. And strong. And I like it's color."
Number 1: Karakara - "Because it's cute, and it wears a skeleton... it has the skull of its mother on it's head. It protects its poor mother, like a mother protects her girl from the rain while waiting for the bus... I want to wear my mother's skull the same way."
Episodes (98)

かくとうポケモン! だいバトル!
トローゼで驚きの記録が!?Fighting Pokémon! The Big Battle!
In this 8th Installment of 'Get Them! The Pokémon Hide-and-seek Game', Kasuga Wears a Mega Ring and Mega Evolves!?
An Astonishing New Record in Trozei!?
ポケテレチャレンジは「ポケナゾ!」等をオンエア!Do Coil Dream of Electric Mice!?
A Grand Presentation of the High Points of the Pokémon Movie, with an Appearance by SCANDAL, who Sing the Movie's Theme Song!
The PokéTV Challenge will have 'PokéRiddle', etc!
J☆Dee'Zがアニメ新エンディング曲を初披露!Lots of Digda!
In 'PokéTV Continent', We Follow the PokéTV Representatives Aiming for the WCS 2014 as they Challenge the 'PGL Japan Cup 2014'
J☆Dee'Z Premiere The New Anime Ending Song!
第11回(リニューアル第3回)「ポケモンずかん完成の旅」、讃岐うどんが有名な香川県で目標交換数15匹達成なるか!?Sekichiku Ninja Showdown!
In the 11th Installment (and 3rd Renewal Installment) of the 'Pokémon Zukan Completion Journey', Will Abareru-kun Manage to Achieve the Goal of Trading 15 Pokémon in Kagawa, Home of the Sanuki Udon!?
ポケモンOR・AS最新情報!Pokémon Movie Special
Xabungle and Viking Experience the World of 'The Thieves and the 1000 Pokémon'
The Latest Information on Pokémon OR
ポケモンパンのデザイン権をかけたポケテレチャレンジ!Garura's Lullaby
A Planning Meeting for the 'Pokémon Summer Appreciation Festival 2014' PokéTV Event
A PokéTV Challenge to Decide Who Gets to Design a Pokémon Pan Product!
第12回(リニューアル第4回)「ポケモンずかん完成の旅」ポケテレが放送されていない宮崎県でポケモン交換なるか!?The Legend of Miniryu
In the 12th Installment (and 4th Renewal Installment) of the 'Pokémon Zukan Completion Journey', Will Abareru-kun Manage to Trade Pokémon in Miyazaki, Where PokéTV isn't Broadcast!?
映画公開直前ポケテレチャレンジスペシャルバトル、映画のゲスト声優からのポケナゾにポケテレメンバーが挑戦!The Pikachu Forest
A Special Movie Pre-Premiere PokéTV Challenge, Where the Movie's Guest Voice Actors Challenge the PokéTV Hosts to PokéRiddles!
鉱国のプリンセス ディアンシー
SCANDALがポケモン映画主題歌「夜明けの流星群」の生歌を披露!Diancie, Princess of the Ore Country
Lots of Information on the New Pokémon Movie to Celebrate its Premiere
SCANDAL Perform the Pokémon Movie Theme Song 'Meteor Shower at Dawn' Live!
ポケモンORAS最新情報!March of the Nassy Squad!
In this 10th Installment of 'Get Them! The Pokémon Hide-and-seek Game', a New Rule Carrying Punishments for Kasuga as Time Passes is Introduced
The Latest Information on Pokémon ORAS!
うたって! プリン!
映画初日舞台挨拶の模様!Sing! Purin!
PokéTV's AD Pikachu Goes Missing, Will Director Yukito Manage to Find it!?
We're Showing an Example of the Movie's Premiere Day Stage Greetings!
ふっかつ!? かせきポケモン!
「Pokemon the movie XY展」情報
ADピカチュウの代わりにあのこが復活!?Revival!? Fossil Pokémon!
A Grand Showcase of the Pokémon Movie
Information on the 'Pokemon the movie XY Exhibit'
A Certain Someone Returns to Take AD Pikachu's Place!?
第13回(リニューアル第5回)「ポケモンずかん完成の旅」ついに沖縄にやってきたあばれる君、目標達成なるか!?Whose is Togepi!?
In the 13th Installment (and 5th Renewal Installment) of the 'Pokémon Zukan Completion Journey', Abareru-kun Finally Goes to Okinawa! Will He Reach his Target There!?
オードリー・春日の新番組「ポケスゴ」登場、巨大化したすごろくゲームの中でポケモンORASの最新情報も大公開!Fushigidane's Mysterious Flower Garden
Kasuga from Audrey Debuts his New Segment 'PokéBoard', where He will Present the Latest Information on Pokémon ORAS Within a Giant Board Game!
もえろ! グレンジム!
XY使用の新企画「ポケモンサバイバル!(ポケサバ!)」、ポケテレメンバーと東京03・豊本明長さんでサバイバル!The Heat is on! Guren Gym!
In the New Segment 'Pokémon Survival! (PokéSurv)', which Uses the X
Y Games, Both The PokéTV Hosts and Akinaga Toyomoto from Tokyo03 Try Their Best to Survive!
けっせん! グレンジム!
新企画「ポケモンORASハイパースロー選手権」、伝説のポケモンの動きをハイパースロー映像で再現できるか!?Decisive Battle! Guren Gym!
In the New Segment 'Pokémon ORAS Hyper Slow Championship', Will the Hosts Manage to Reenact the Legendary Pokémon's Movement in Hyper Slow Motion!?
ハナダジム! すいちゅうのたたかい!
ポケモンORAS最新情報!Hanada Gym! Underwater Battle!
In the 14th Installment (and 6th Renewal Installment) of 'Abareru-kun's Pokémon Trade Journey', He Travels All the Way to Washington D.C., America
The Latest Information on Pokémon ORAS!
家族の絆が試される視聴者参加型の新企画「家族で宿題! ポケテレミッション!」をオンエア
ポケモンORAS最新情報!Pippi VS Purin
The Premiere of the New Viewer Participation Segment 'Homework for the Entire Family! PokéTV Mission', Which Tests Families' Bonds
The Latest Information on Pokémon ORAS!
トキワジム! さいごのバッジ!
ポケモンORAS情報・新たなるメガシンカポケモン!Tokiwa Gym! The Final Badge!
The Second 'Pokémon Card Game XY Skit Battle', Starring Doburock, Xabungle, Nicche and Sugi-chan!
Pokémon ORAS Info and New Mega Evolved Pokémon
新たなる大地! 新たなる冒険!!
ポケテレメンバーとゲスト・足立梨花さんで第2回「ポケモンサバイバル」、ポケサバ初代王者・トシプロデューサーは連覇なるか?A New Land! A New Adventure!!
The PokéTV Hosts and the Guest Rika Adachi Participate in the Second Installment of 'Pokémon Survival'! Will Producer Toshi, Who Won the First PokéSurv, Continue His Winning Streak?
トウカジム! VSヤルキモノ!
ストッキングやズラをかぶったバイキング・くまだまさし・たんぽぽが強風の中へ、その後を予想するクイズ番組を放送!Touka Gym! VS Yarukimono!
We Will Show a Quiz Program Where Viking, Kumadamasashi and Tanpopo Get Exposed to Strong Wind While Wearing Stockings or Wigs and We Predict the Outcome!
スバメがいっぱい危険がいっぱい! トウカの森でゲットだぜ!!
ORAS最新情報!Lots of Subame, Lots of Peril! I Got One in the Touka Forest!!
In the 2nd Installment of 'PokéTV Mission', the Mission is Notably Difficult!
'Pikachu, What'chu Doin' Now?' Debuts in the PokéTV Challenge
'The Latest Information on ORAS!
ロケット団! みだれひっかきでサヨウナラ!!
伝説のポケモンに関するORAS情報!Rocket Gang! Goodbye with Fury Swipes!!
In the 15th Installment of the 'Pokémon Zukan Completion Journey', Abareru-kun Goes to Yamanashi, Where He is Once Again Ordered to Soar Through the Sky!?
ORAS Information Centered Around Legendary Pokémon!
ORAS最新情報!Pocket Monsters XY Special: The Strongest Mega Evolution ~Act I~
In the Second Installment of 'PokéBoard', Kasuga from Audrey Gets Help from Taku Suzuki from Drunk Dragon as he Challenges Kids Who Love Pokémon
The Latest Information on ORAS!
キモリの森! 巨大樹を守れ!!
第16回「ポケモンずかん完成の旅」、大阪であばれる君がポケモンWCS2014チャンピオンのポケモンと交換達成!?The Forest of Kimori! Protect the Giant Tree!!
In the 16th Installment of the 'Pokémon Zukan Completion Journey', Will Abareru-kun Manage to Trade Pokémon with the Pokémon WCS 2014 Champion in Osaka!?
レックウザとADピカチュウのモンコレを宇宙に飛ばす大型企画等!Hassboh and the Three Sisters of the Flower Shop!!
A 90 Minute Pokémon ORAS Pre-Release Celebration Special
Lots of Awesome Segments, Including One Where Rayquaza and AD Pikachu's MonCollé Go Flying Through Space!
ポケテレチャレンジではジャングルポケットがポケゲートで大盛り上がり!Double Battle and Double Kemusso!?
Showing Off the Beginning of Pokémon ORAS using Office Chief Taka's Game
In the PokéTV Challenge, Jungle Pocket Cause an Exciting Installment of PokéGate!
カナズミジム! ノズパスの秘密兵器!!
タカ局長とトシプロデューサーがゲンシグラードンとゲンシカイオーガでバトル!Kanazumi Gym! Nosepass' Secret Weapon!!
In the New Segment 'Poké-Candid Camera', the Victim is Kasuga
Office Chief Taka and Producer Toshi Battle with Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre!
走れサトシ! キバニアの川を越え!
「あばれる君のポケモン交換の旅」が新章ORAS編に突入、第1回目は鹿児島!Run, Satoshi! Cross the Kibanha River!
Abareru-kun Embarks on the New ORAS Chapter of 'Abareru-kun's Pokémon Trade Journey'! In This First Segment, He Goes to Kagoshima!
秘密の池! ミズゴロウがいっぱい!?
2015年ポケモン映画最新映像!A Secret Pond! Lots of Mizugorou!?
In the 3rd Installment of 'PokéTV Mission', Can the Contestants Identify the MonCollé Purely by Touch?
The Latest Footage from the 2015 Pokémon Movie!

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