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Move Details

Glare Introduced in Generation 1


Types Move Type Damage Class Status Tough
PP 30
Power -
Accuracy 100


Language Local Name
Chinese (Cantonese Hong Kong) 大蛇瞪眼
Chinese (Mandarin Taiwan) 大蛇瞪眼
English Glare
French Regard Médusant
German Giftblick
Italian Sguardo Feroce
Japanese へびにらみ
Japanese (Romanized) Hebinirami
Korean 뱀눈초리
Spanish Deslumbrar

Damage Done

Bug Dark Dragon Electric Fairy Fighting Fire Flying Ghost Grass Ground Ice Normal Poison Psychic Rock Steel Water
0x 0.5x 0.5x

Pokémon List

By Level Up

Ekans Type Icon
Arbok Type Icon
Dunsparce Type Icon
Seviper Type Icon
Zygarde Type Icon Type Icon
Drampa Type Icon Type Icon

By Breeding

Snivy Type Icon
Druddigon Type Icon
Helioptile Type Icon Type Icon

By Machine

Pokémon Anime Characters

Thumbnail Jessie's Arbok SL 33 Used to freeze Zenigame and Pikachu in place.