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  • United States Mega Sableye


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United States Tom Wayland Voice Director

United States Meredith Zeitlin Mairin
United States Suzy Myers Mairin's Chespin (Chespie)
United States Bill Rogers Sableye

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DuArt Media Services
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  • United States Mairin
  • Japan マノン
  • Japan Manon
  • Japan Manon
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  • United States Mairin's Chespin (Chespie)
  • Japan ハリさん (マノンのハリマロン)
  • Japan Hari-san (Manon no Harimaron)
  • Japan Manon's Harimaron (Hari-san)

Wild Pokémon

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  • United States Sableye
  • Japan ヤミラミ
  • Japan Yamirami
No notes available for this episode.
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