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  • United States Those Darn Electabuzz!
  • France Ces sacrés Electek
  • Spain Esos Malditos Electabuzz
  • Mexico Esos Malvados Electabuzz
  • Brazil Esses Electabuzz de uma Figa!
  • Greece Έρχονται οι Ελέκταμπαζ
  • United Kingdom Those Darn Electabuzz!


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The episode starts off with a baseball team. The Electabuzz team are playing against another team. Corey Damario is up at pitch. Corey throws the ball. The ball is hit, scoring another home run for the other team. The Electabuzz lose again. Casey is watching the game from a store television. She is disappointed that the Electabuzz lost their 10th game.

Casey sits on a bench wondering what happened to the Electabuzz team. She is the biggest Electabuzz fan. At first, the Electabuzz team was number 1, now they are the number 1 losers. A roar is heard. It came from a Charizard. A group of people are trying to catch the running Charizard. The Charizard is coming her way. She orders Meganium, Elekid, and Beedrill to tackle down the Charizard. Instead the Charizard knocks Casey's Pokémon out of the way. Casey stands in the middle of the road with the Charizard coming her way. A man that was chasing the Charizard quickly runs ahead and pushes Casey to the side. The Charizard crashes into something. Casey looks at the man. To her surprise, it is Corey Damario. Casey tells Corey her name and shakes his hand. Another boy comes up to them. Corey introduces him to Casey. The boy's name is Benny and the Charizard is his. Benny tells Casey that Corey raised the Charizard and gave it to him. He apologizes to Casey about the incident that just happened. They then see Casey's Pokémon wanting to battle Charizard. Casey tells her Pokémon not to battle it. Corey says that Charizard doesn't have lots of experience to battle anyways. It can't even use Flamethrower or fly. Casey tells Corey and Benny that Charizard just needs some inspiration and entertainment. She offers to help Charizard. So Casey gets with her Pokémon and together they sing a fight song. Charizard comes out of the hole. It doesn't look too happy. Corey tells Charizard to use Flamethrower, but nothing comes out. Instead, Charizard runs away again with Benny chasing after it. Corey invites Casey over for lunch.

At Corey's house, Casey is admiring Corey's dad photographs of the Electabuzz team. She sees a picture of Corey winning the MVP. Corey's dad wished that Corey had more courage. He asks Casey if she has a lot of spirit. She says yes, and Corey's dad wants Casey to help out. He tells Casey a story about how Corey injured his shoulder, and after that his playing spirit disappeared. Corey doesn't have the courage anymore to pitch. Benny comes in the room. Corey's dad tells Benny that Casey will help the Charizard and Corey get their spirit back.

Everyone goes outside. Casey gives a cheer for Charizard. Corey asks why he has to be out when the cheering is only for Charizard. Casey tells him that Charizard needs his support. Corey's dad is watching from behind a tree hoping that Casey will succeed. Casey gives out some loud cheers. Charizard, Benny, and Corey cheer too. Now Casey decides to do some cheerleading. She takes off her clothes revealing her cheerleading outfit. Everyone else is in cheerleading clothes following Casey's commands. Corey becomes embarrassed at Casey's cheerleading, but still he does it. Just then, Charizard jumps into the air. Everyone thinks that Charizard flew for a bit. Casey tells Charizard to fly even higher. It does, but falls. Corey begins to think about his team mates and how they all ditched him.

Casey tells everyone that it is time for Charizard to battle. She chooses Corey's dad to battle against Charizard. Casey and Corey's dad starts the battle even though Benny and Corey don't think Charizard can win. Corey's dad sends out Ampharos. Ampharos uses Tackle and hits Charizard because Charizard couldn't use Flamethrower. Then Ampharos uses Thunderpunch. Charizard tries to dodge with Fly but ends up getting hit. Charizard loses the battle. Casey congratulates Ampharos for doing a nice job. She then says that Charizard stinks. This gets Benny angry, and he thinks that Casey is a bad coach. Corey agrees with Benny. Corey and Casey have an argument. Corey tells Benny that he is going to the mountains to seriously train Charizard for an hour. Corey's dad congratulates Casey for doing a good job. Casey thinks that she might've been a bit harsh on them. Benny asks of what they are talking about. Casey tells him that she purposly did bad training. Now it's up to Corey and Charizard to train.

In the mountains, Corey tells Charizard that they have to force each other to climb the mountains. They finally reach the top. Corey tells Charizard to fly to the other side of the mountain. Down below is a waterfall in which Charizard is scared of. Corey tells Charizard that he believes in it and to not think of the scary water. Charizard decides to give it a try. It begins to fly across the open space to the other side. Charizard is doing well until it looks down. It gets scared and falls onto a branch. Corey tells Charizard to stay put. He grabs a rope. Suddenly, the cliff breaks apart and he falls. Casey, Corey's dad, and Benny wonders where Corey and Charizard are. It has been three hours since Corey's departure for the mountains. All three of them decide to search for Corey and Charizard. Casey sends out Meganium, Elekid, and Beedrill to help search. Beedrill spots Corey and Charizard and points Casey to the right direction.

Casey sees Corey and Charizard. Corey shouts out to Casey that Charizard is scared of the water and can't do much. Casey decides to climb down and help Corey and Charizard. A storm brews in causing Casey to fall off the cliff. With some energy, Corey throws the rope he was holding to Casey. Casey hold on tight while Corey pulls her up. Corey seems to be having a lot of fighting spirit now. Casey asks Corey if he thinks they will make it back up. Corey knows they can. Casey holds onto Corey's shoulders while he climbs the rocks back up. It starts to rain, making the rocks slippery. Charizard is watching Casey and Corey. A boulder tumbles down almost hitting them. Corey's dad, Benny, and Casey's Pokémon sees Corey and Casey. Corey slips causing them to fall in the water. Charizard sees this and decides to dive in and save them. Seconds later, Charizard flies out with Corey and Casey in its grasp. Charizard flies above the clouds to the sun. Corey and Casey are glad that Charizard can fly now. Charizard then uses Flamethrower. Corey thanks Casey for her help and says that this wouldn't have happened if she wasn't there.

At another Electabuzz game, the game has almost ended. The bases are loaded and Corey has pitched incredibly well so far. With Charizard's spirit Corey throws an amazing fast ball, winning the game for the Electabuzz. Everyone cheers for the Electabuzz team.


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  • United States Casey
  • Japan ナナコ
  • Japan Nanako
  • Japan Nanako
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  • United States Casey's Beedrill
  • Japan ナナコのスピアー
  • Japan Nanako no Spear
  • Japan Nanako's Spear
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  • United States Casey's Elekid
  • Japan ナナコのエレキッド
  • Japan Nanako no Elekid
  • Japan Nanako's Elekid
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  • United States Casey's Meganium
  • Japan ナナコのメガニウム
  • Japan Nanako no Meganium
  • Japan Nanako's Meganium
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Corey Demario
  • Japan ツヨシ
  • Japan Tsuyoshi
  • Japan Tsuyoshi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Benny Demario
  • Japan カンタ
  • Japan Kanta
  • Japan Kanta
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Don
  • Japan ドン
  • Japan Don
  • Japan Don
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Shigeo Demario
  • Japan シゲオ
  • Japan Shigeo
  • Japan Shigeo
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Shigeo's Ampharos
  • Japan シゲオのデンリュウ
  • Japan Shigeo no Denryu
  • Japan Shigeo's Denryu
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