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  • Japan ポケモン珍プレー 「痛い~!」/ランキング 「スポーツ選手として才能をはっきしそうなポケモンたち」/ロケット団・豪華衣装スペシャル/リクエスト「カスミ&トゲピー特集」/ 「ポケモンdeイングリッシュ」他
  • Japan Pokémon chin play 'itai~!' / Ranking 'Sports-senshu to shite sainō wo hakki shisō na Pokémon-tachi' / Rocket-dan - gōka ishō special / Request 'Kasumi & Togepi tokushū' / 'Pokemon de English' hoka
  • Japan Strange Pokémon Plays 'That Hurts!' / Ranking 'Pokémon We Think Would Make Talented Athletes' / The Rocket Gang's Luxury Clothing Special / Request 'A Special Report on Kasumi and Togepi' / 'Pokemon de English', etc.


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Weekly Pokémon Broadcasting Station
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The "Weekly Pokémon Broadcasting Station" is a TV station broadcasting from the Pokémon world. Naturally, all the material is Pokémon-related. This week, they air a variety show featuring material previously shown on the "Pocket Monsters" TV show.

In the "Strange and Good Pokémon Plays" segment, we get to see specially selected "plays" from Pokémon battles and Rocket Gang action scenes that occurred during Satoshi's journey. We will see plays so strange and amusing they'd make anyone laugh, and plays so good they'll impress us all into giving them a round of applause. The theme of this episode's installment is "That hurts!", and we go through a series of scenes that bring great pain to those involved. Satoshi touches an unfamiliar Pokémon, and gets hurt for his curiosity! Takeshi tries to make friends with an Okorizaru, and gets very hurt in the process! Satoshi gets tackled by his happy Bayleaf rushing into him! That hurts! So do pitfalls, and the characters have fallen into a lot over the years! Walking face first into invisible walls hurts too, and taking a Rokon's flamethrower to the face hurts even more! And how about Getting your back scrubbed with a broom, and then get it drenched in antiseptic That hurts! And of course we can't have a segment on people getting hurt without scenes of Takeshi getting dragged away by the ear, can we?

Following next, the first installment of "Rankings of Anything and Everything Pokémon" shows us a Pokémon whose kicks are so powerful it would make a great addition to Japan's national soccer team. We also get to see the best Pokémon suited for sumo wrestling, fencing, hammer throw, judo and any other sport you can imagine. The overall winner is Satoshi's Kabigon, which has demonstrated it would absolutely ace any eating contest.

Next, the Rocket Gang "crashes" the station. The villainous duo intends to host their own show, showcasing luxurious outfits in their own spectacular fashion show. Like the previous segment, they do a top 10 list. Their 4th best outfit are the ganguro kogal disguises, though their pirate station explodes before they can show the 3 best ones.

In "Pokémon de English", we teach English words and phrases by showing the same clip from both the original Japanese version and the English dub. Today's phrase is "What's wrong?", the English equivalent of "どうしたの?"

Finally, in the Request Corner, where we answer questions asked by our viewers, we look at the question "Which Pokémon is Kasumi's favorite?" There are many good candidates - Golduck, Waninoko and Dokukurage - though Gyarados seems to be pretty high on her dislike list. Bug Pokémon are copletely out of the question too, and while she likes cute Pokémon, the crybaby Maril didn't score too many popularity points. Overall, her favorite Pokémon turns out to be Togepi, and we show the story of how the two met using clps from episode 50.


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  • United States Misty
  • Japan カスミ
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  • Japan Kasumi
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  • United States Brock
  • Japan タケシ
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  • Japan Takeshi
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  • Japan ムサシ
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  • Japan Musashi
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  • United States James
  • Japan コジロウ
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