Jessie is beautiful, strong willed and extremely determined in her goals. As a member of Team Rocket along with her friends James and Meowth, she has been trying to capture Pikachu and as many rare Pokemon as possible to give to Giovanni. Jessie's mother was also a member of Team Rocket, but when she was young, her mother disappeared and Jessie was put into an orphanage. As she grew older, she decided to join a Pokémon nurses academy for Chansey but did not graduate. Jessie has also been spending her time competing in Pokémon Contests with a dream of winning a Grand Festival. Like many Pokémon Coordinators, Jessie has had her up and downs while competing to win ribbons.
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Jessie's Frillish was revealed when it was sent out to battle at Professor Juniper's laboratory. It was instrumental at trying to initially capture Pikachu but it was unable to get it by using its Psychic attack to put it in the cage, so it changed focus and captured Nonomi's Tepig. It didn't last long in the actual battle against Ash though as Ash's Unfezant was able to one hit KO it.
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While walking on Route 5, Jessie tripped over Pumpkaboo horns.It then emerged from underground and put on its lights on.Jessie then randomly threw a Monster Ball at it and got it to the surprise of her teammates. [View More]
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Jessie's Gourgeist was first revealed in the Movie 18 short poster and then later appeared in the third XY ending.Jessie's Gourgeist is the evolved form of Jessie's Pumpkaboo.

Count Pump, the master of a castle in the Kalos region had been searching for a mate for his prince. [View More]
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While searching in the forest to get Pokémon, Rocket Gang first encountered Mimikyu.Moments later Ash and his classmates arrived who were also looking for Pokémon to catch.Both groups attempted to get Mimikyu. [View More]
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Jessie's first Pokemon (by order of appearance). It is very loyal to Jessie. It evolved into Arbok in Episode 31: Dig Those Diglett, after its master wished for a stronger Pokemon.
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Jessie caught Shellder by throwing a Pokéball at it even though it was James who weakened it using his Weezing. Shellder spent a short time with Jessie as it clamped onto the end of Professor Westwood's Slowpoke and evolved into a Slowbro.
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Jessie's Seviper was the first Pokémon she caught in Hoenn.
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While Wobbuffet is technically Jessie's Pokémon, it has been around so long that it has become a main character, appearing in almost every episode of the series since it debut.

Wobbuffet rarely battles but when he does, his Counter and Mirror Coat moves have proved to be very effective.Unfortunately, Jessie's tactics aren't always sufficient to master Wobbuffet's superior defensive skills. [View More]
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Jessie's Arbok evolved from her Ekans as she was complaining that she needed a stronger and more evolved Pokémon that could help her during battles.Moments later it evolved and she gave it a fitting introduction to Ash and his friends in the Diglett forest.It's first battle didn't go well as it got outnumbered by the Diglett and Dugtrio. [View More]
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Caught by Jessie after it ate all of her food she just bought during the Princess Festival. At the Princess Festival Jessie used Lickitung in a battle against Misty where it defeated Ash's Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Brock's Vulpix but was unable to beat Misty's Psyduck who seemed to be unaffected by Lickitung's lick attack. Lickitung was rarely used by Jessie in comparison to her Arbok, although, it was only by accident that it was traded with a Wobbuffet during the convention called the 'Pokémon Swap Meet' when Jessie was knocked backwards into a trading machine and Lickitung's Pokéball landed in the trading machine next to Benny's Wobbuffet. Click here to see info on Benny's Lickitung.
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Jessie caught Yanma and sent it to Giovanni. When he returned it to her, she sent it into battle and it quickly evolved into Yanmega.
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Jessie caught Yanma after Tyler battled and weakened it. After she captured it, Yanma was sent to Giovanni who later returned it.
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May and Jessie both caught Wurmples and they were temporarily switched but they were eventually returned.
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Jessie's Cascoon evolved at the same time as May's Silcoon.
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Jessie initially thought Magikarp was a Feabas, but the paint washed off when she put it in the water.
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Jessie's Koromori was caught in the Isshu region. It was first revealed in a battle against Satoshi and his Mamepato. It was able to defeat Satoshi's Mamepato during that first battle.
Episodes (915)


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