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Jessie's Mimikyu
English Jessie's Mimikyu
Japanese ムサシのミミッキュ
Japanese (Romanized) Musashi no Mimikkyu
While searching in the forest to get Pokémon, Rocket Gang first encountered Mimikyu. Moments later Ash and his classmates arrived who were also looking for Pokémon to catch. Both groups attempted to get Mimikyu.

Not much is known about this Pokémon beyond the fact that it wears an old rag that looks just like a Pikachu and its actual appearance is unknown. It is said that scholars who tried seeing what was underneath died from the shock. Meowth decided to look under the Pikachu-shaped piece of cloth Jessie's Mimikyu was wearing and he ended up going into some kind of delusional state that his consciousness suddenly faded and when he came to, he was walking through a dark tunnel. He was then joined by a group of super cute Pokémon but then the surroundings suddenly turned really creepy and he fell into a bottomless pit. Jessie and James threw water on Meowth before he died.

Jessie's Mimikyu absolutely hates Pikachu. Mimikkyu doesn't take on the appearance of a Pikachu because it likes it and it actually the appearance of Pikachu is what Mimikkyu hates the most in the entire world. Since it hates Pikachu, Mimikkyu decided to fight alongside Rocket Gang.
Move Type First Episode Used Notes
Play Rough Fairy SM 3 First seen being used against Pikachu in the forest but Nyarth didn't confirmed the move until SM004.
Shadow Claw Ghost SM 3 Kojiro was surprised that Mimikyu could also use this attack in addition to its other moves. First seen being used against Pikachu in the forest but Nyarth didn't confirmed the move until SM004.
Shadow Ball Ghost SM 3 First seen being used against Pikachu in the forest but Nyarth didn't confirmed the move until SM004.
Wood Hammer Grass SM 25 It defeated the giant Ratta with multiple consecutive attacks.
Let's Snuggle Forever Fairy SM 76 Base move for this Z-move is Play Rough.
Episodes (15)

Loading the Dex!よロトしく、ボク、ロトム図鑑ロト!Good Rotomorning, I am the Rotom Zukan!
モクロー登場!アローラでポケモンゲットだぜ!!Enter Mokuroh! I Got a Pokémon in Alola!!
アシマリ、がんバルーン!Ashimari, Do Your Balloonest!
びりびりちくちくトゲデマル!Zing Zap Togedemaru!
課外授業はヒドイデ!?The Extracurricular Lesson is on Hidoide?!
Racing to a Big Event!アローラパンケーキ大レース!The Great Alola Pancake Race!
Getting to Know You!勇気の結晶、リーリエとロコン!The Fruit of Courage: Lilie and Rokon!
小さな三匹、大きな冒険!!A Tiny Trio on a Big Adventure!!
衝撃! ダグトリオ解散!?Here's a Real Shocker! A Dugtrio Split-Up?!
クリスタル争奪戦!ロケット団対スカル団!!!The Fight Over the Crystal! The Rocket Gang VS The Skull Gang!!!
Pulling Out the Pokémon Base Pepper!熱闘ポケベース!ねらえ逆転ホームラン!!The Fierce Pokébase Game! Aim for a Home Run to Turn the Tide!!
ミミッキュのばけのかわ!Mimikkyu's Disguise!
Alola, Kanto!カントーでアローラ!タケシとカスミ!!An Alola! in Kanto! Takeshi and Kasumi!!
Now You See Them, Now You Don't!ほしぐもパニック!テレポートは突然に!!Starcloud Panic! The Teleport Happened Suddenly!!
A Plethora of Pikachu!大量発生チュウ!ピカチュウのたに!!It's an Outbreak-chu! The Pikachu Valley!!

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