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POKÉTOON: The Pokémon Cartoon Animation

  • Japanese: ポケモンアニメシリーズ「POKÉTOON」
  • Japanese (TL): Pokemon Animation Series: POKÉTOON
Aired from: 2020-06-05 until 2021-12-28
Popular Characters
Red's Arcanine/レッドのウインディ/Red's Windie
Blossom's Father/ツボミの父/Tsubomi's Father
Blossom's Father's Charizard (Char-ly)/ツボミの父のリザードン (ちょろび)/Tsubomi's Father's Lizardon (Chorobi)
Blossom's Mother/ツボミのお母さん/Tsubomi's Mother
Blossom's Mother's Dragapult/ツボミのお母さんのドラパルト/Tsubomi's Mother's Dorapult
Blossom's Nidoran♂/ツボミのニドラン♂/Tsubomi's Nidoran♂
Blossom's Nidorino/ツボミのニドリーノ/Tsubomi's Nidorino
Rikuo's Magikarp
Rikuo's Gyarados
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