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Pokémon Fan #26 - Hiyappu
Start/End Dates 2012-11-15 through 2013-01-10
Country Japan Japan


In November of 2012, various passwords for downloading the three monkey Pokémon Yanappu, Baoppu and Hiyappu were published. Each of the three Pokémon could be downloaded once per game after the password is entered. The event ran from November 15th 2012 to January 10th 2013, and was only accessible for Pocket Monsters Black 2 and Pocket Monsters White 2.


The password for a male Hiyappu with the Hidden Ability Torrent and the egg move Hydro Pump will be published in the November 20th issue of Pokémon Fan. The password was: げきりゅうハイドロポンプ.

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Pokémon Details
Pokéball: Hyper Potion
Species: Panpour
Nickname: ヒヤップ
OT Name:
Level: 10
Gender: Male
Ability: Gluttony
Nature: Adamant
Shiny: Unknown