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Mega Stone Achamo
Start/End Dates 2013-10-12 through 2014-01-15
Country Japan Japan


Achamo was the first 6th generation event Pokémon to be distributed worldwide via the Nintendo Network.



Press Release - North America

One Mega Stone, Blazikenite, will not be found during normal gameplay in Pokémon X or Pokémon Y. Players of the new titles will need to participate in a special limited-time Wi-Fi distribution event via Nintendo Network to get a Torchic holding a Blazikenite Mega Stone. This is how players can receive the Blazikenite Mega Stone when the new titles launch. The character distribution begins October 12th, the same day Pokémon X and Pokémon Y launches worldwide for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, and this distribution event will only last for a short period of time. Players will need to evolve the Torchic they receive via the distribution into Combusken and finally into Blaziken in order to harness the power of this Mega Stone and Mega Evolve Blaziken into Mega Blaziken.

The Torchic received in this distribution also has the Hidden Ability Speed Boost, a very powerful Ability that increases a Pokémon’s Speed at the end of every turn. This limited-time character distribution event allows players to get a Torchic with Speed Boost, which becomes incredibly effective once they Mega Evolve Blaziken into Mega Blaziken.

Corocoro Comic September 2013

The Japanese distribution for Achamo was announced in the Corocoro Comic September 2013 issue.


Pokémon Center Commercial - September 2013 / Red/Green Special

A commercial that aired during Pokémon Smash 153 advertised the Achamo distribution. It was also promoted during the Red/Green and XY special.

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TSUTAYA stores across Japan also promoted the Achamo distribution with 220 stores will participating in the campaign. Patrons could bring their Nintendo 3DS to a store and access the Nintendo Network via the in-store Nintendo Zone Wifi. In addition to being able to get the Mega Stone Achamo present, an original Nintendo DS mini-game "Pokémon Type Quiz" was available to download.


Pokémon Centers

The Japanese Pokémon Centers displayed a poster with instructions on how to obtain Achamo.


Pokémon Details
Pokéball: Cherish Ball
Species: Torchic
Nickname: アチャモ
OT Name: XY
Level: 10
Gender: Male
Ability: Blaze
Nature: Random
Shiny: Unknown