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  • Japan ゲームに!アニメに!!ポケモン赤・緑から最新作X・Yまで大特集SP
  • Japan Game ni! Anime ni! ! Pokemon aka midori kara saishin-saku X Y made dai tokushu SP
  • Japan The Games! The Anime! A Massive Special on Pokémon from Red and Green to X and Y


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  • Japan 山本博
  • Japan Hiroshi Yamamoto
  • Japan Hiroshi Yamamoto
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Chiaki Kyan and Yuka Konan of the Pokémon Red/Green generation, and Yamamoto of Robert, representative of the upcoming Pokémon XY generation, present the highlights and charms of Pokémon, which is undergoing new developments both game and anime-wise this October!!

"Let the New Pokémon Generation Start!!"
A Grand presentation of "Pocket Monsters XY", the first new series to debut in 3 years, which starts its broadcast with a 1 hour premiere special Thursday October 17th, and of "Pocket Monsters the Origin", a 2 hour TV Special depicting the world of "Pocket Monsters Red/Green", which will be broadcast Wednesday October 2nd!! We will show off the high points of the franchise from the Red/Green generation all the way to the current generation, with not a single thing left out!!

Hiroshi Yamamoto (from Robert)
Chiaki Kyan
Yuka Konan
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