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Gamestop Dragonite
Start/End Dates 2015-06-22 through 2015-07-12
Country United States United States


Gamestop Dragonite

Players could visit participating GameStop stores between June 22 and July 12, 2015 and receive a Dragonite serial code on a leaflet. Dragonite’s unique combination of strength and quickness make it a tough competitor. Combine its dominating moves with the Attack and Speed boosts from Dragon Dance and you've got a Dragonite that's nearly unstoppable!

Gamestop Leaflet Scans

Gamestop DragoniteGamestop Dragonite

Dragonite Flies Into GameStop This June - YouTube Trailer

Pokémon Details
Pokéball: Cherish Ball
Species: Dragonite
Nickname: None
OT Name: JUN2015
Level: 55
Gender: Male
Ability: Inner Focus
Nature: Random
Shiny: Unknown