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26 Nov 2022 11:43 AM
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New episode titles have been added to the database!
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Titles: はじめしゃちょーや蛙亭が「プロジェクト・ミュウ」のミッションにトライ!/Hajime Syacho and Kaerutei Try "Project Mew" Missions!
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26 Nov 2022 11:43 AM
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After dreaming of Go, who has managed to clear all kinds of Trial Missions, Hajime Syacho and Kaerutei try "Project Mew" Missions themselves! We'll also have a supportive message from Go's voice actor Daiki Yamashita!

The new promo video is practically movie-scale?! Can Nakano, who has become so obsessed with it he's actually turned into a Mew, manage to reach the Mythical Pokémon Mew?! It's time for a Mew photo challenge as Chasers!!
And there's Pokémogu too!

Ryogo Matsumaru
Hikaru Takahashi
Shoko Nakagawa (voice of Koccar)
Guests: Hajime Syacho, Kaerutei (Shuhei Nakano and Iwakura), Daiki Yamashita and Pikachu