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03 Dec 2022 12:48 PM
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New episode titles have been added to the database!
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Titles: ポケモンカードをかけた体力測定! / ポケるんTVのメンバーとポケモンユナイトでゆき合戦対戦!/A Fitness Test with Pokémon Cards on the Line! / A Snowball Battle in Pokémon Unite with the Poké-lun TV Hosts!
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It's time for a fitness test with Pokémon cards on the line! Miyata pedals like crazy to get the card he wants?! We'll also have a Snowball Battle in Pokémon Unite with the Poké-lun TV hosts!

Toshiya Miyata from Kis-My-Ft2 will be on Pokédoko for four weeks in a row during December!! The Pokédoko hosts and Pikachu are really happy to have this anime, video game, card game and Pokémon fan on! Ureseadra!

Ryogo Matsumaru
Hikaru Takahashi
Shoko Nakagawa (voice of Koccar)
Guests: Toshiya Miyata (from Kis-My-Ft2), Toki-chan, Haa-chan, Takkun and Pikachu
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