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28 Jan 2023 11:04 AM
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A Pokémon Card Game class that's easy to understand even for beginners, hosted by instructor Zinnia (?!)! Even Hikaru Takahashi finally makes the momentous decision to have her first Pokémon Card battle!! However, it's interrupted by the Star Gang?! Hash-taag!

Everyone searches for Pokémon cards in the same setting as Pokémon SV: At a school!! Miyata from Kis-My-Ft2 becomes a basketball player to clear a challenge and receive a hint! He also swings just like Wanival when showing off his specialty, dancing! And he'll even talk about the Johnny's Pokémon Card Game Club?!

Ryogo Matsumaru
Hikaru Takahashi
Shoko Nakagawa (voice of Koccar)
Guests: Toshiya Miyata (from Kis-My-Ft2), Kanade (from 3ji no Heroine) and Elf (Arakawa and Haru)