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04 Mar 2023 12:43 PM
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New episode titles have been added to the database!
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Titles: あのちゃんがルカリオゲームで大暴れ / はどうだん風グミ/ano-chan Goes Wild in a Lucario Game / Aura Sphere-Style Gummies
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04 Mar 2023 12:43 PM
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ano-chan is brimming over with love for the "sincere and cool" Lucario, and fires off a barrage of Aura Spheres in a game! And we'll get Yonsen-toshin's miracle play as well?! The hosts will also try making Aura Sphere-style gummies!

We'll also have high-level Sohnano and Sonansu imitations you won't believe haven't been practiced in advance! Look forward to them!

Ryogo Matsumaru
Hikaru Takahashi
Shoko Nakagawa (voice of Koccar)
Guests: ano, Hiroki Tsuzuki (from Yonsen-toshin) and Pikachu