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25 Aug 2023 12:16 PM
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Build-A-Bear has announced that the Mimikyu Bundle is now available to order. The Mimikyu Bundle includes: a Mimikyu with 5-in-1 Sounds, a Mimikyu Hat and Bow Tie Set, and a Mimikyu Cape and Hat Set. The Mimikyu Bundle costs $69 USD. Voice actor Billy Bob Thompson voices Mimikyu. Pictures of this plushie bundle have been added to an Imageboard thread.

Mimikyu Bundle

It's not a disguise—Mimikyu is really the newest Pokémon plush at Build-A-Bear Workshop! Will you give this lonely little Pokémon some love? This Ghost- and Fairy-type Pokémon plush hides under a cloth that resembles Pikachu. This Mimikyu plush includes its 5-in-1 sounds along with two outfits exclusive to this bundle: a dapper hat and bow tie set and a matching cape and hat set.

Price includes:
  • Mimikyu with 5-in-1 Sounds
  • Mimikyu Hat and Bow Tie Set
  • Mimikyu Cape and Hat Set

Source: https://www.buildabear.com/mimikyu-bundle/31818_31847_31848_32154.html
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