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Title: Released: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Setting Out: Pokemon Resc...
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Team Go Getters Out of the Gate (Japanese: Setting Out: Pokemon Rescue Team Ganbarus!) is a special episode of the Pokemon anime. It was first broadcast in USA on September 8, 2006 on Cartoon Network.

Unlike previous special episodes, this does not take place in any continuity of the main storyline. Instead, the plot is based on the spinoff games Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. The story involves a young child turning into a Squirtle and teaming up with a Chikorita and Charmander to form a Rescue Team.

The other day, the Japanese version of the Mystery Dungeon special was posted on Yahoo Japan's Pokemon site. You can stream the episode by clicking the link below.

Entire Episode Pictures are available: Click Here
Download/Stream Link (1M connection): Click Here
Download/Stream Link (300k connection): Click Here

Be sure to check out the Imageboard for higher resolution pictures from this episode.

Also those of you working on the Mystery Dungeon Multi-Audio/Multi-Sub project can view its progress by visiting the forum thread here. This is similar to the Mastermind Project we released a couple months ago. If you are willing to help out on a language that is not listed, please post on the forum.
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