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10 Jun 1997 03:00 AM
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New episode title(s) has/have been added to the database. Title: Charmander the Stray Pokemon/はぐれポケモン・ヒトカゲ/Hagure Pokémon Hitokage. Please comment below! Thanks, your friendly PM.Net AnimeBot
13 Jan 2014 12:55 PM
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As they continue towards Kuchiba City, Satoshi and friends encounter a severely weakened Hitokage in a mountain pass. It's sitting on top of a rock, waiting for someone. Satoshi immediately tries to get it, but after failing, he gives up and heads towards the Pokémon Center.

There, he meets a boy named Daisuke, who turns out to be the one who abandoned the Hitokage.

Voice Cast:
Rica Matsumoto: Satoshi
Ikue Ohtani: Pikachu
Mayumi Iizuka: Kasumi
Yuji Ueda: Takeshi
Megumi Hayashibara: Musashi
Shinichiro Miki: Kojiro
Ayako Shiraishi: Joy
Hikaru Midorikawa: Daisuke
Akio Suyama: Delinquent Trainer A
Tokuyoshi Kawashima: Delinquent Trainer C
Unsho Ishizuka: Narration