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New episode title(s) has/have been added to the database. Title: Pikachū to Pichū!/ピカチュウとピチュー!/The Apple Corp. Please comment below! Thanks, your friendly PM.Net AnimeBot
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Characters in Episode: Current Episode Guide Info Correct? [Yes]

Written Biographies for Characters in Episode:
Charmaine (アンジュ Anju) - Charmaine owns her own apple orchard near Ecruteak City. While Ash and his friends were traveling by the orchard, Pikachu was caught by Charmaine in her net as she suspected it was stealing her apples. After Ash showed her that the apple Pikachu was holding had bite marks that didn't match Pikachu's teeth, she was quite sorry for her quick accusation.

Pikachu helped Charmaine figure out who the culprits where that were stealing her apples which ended up being a group of Pichu. Realizing that the Pichu were just hungry, she made a friendly gesture and gave them some apples to eat. Charmaine though was left with a dilemma of what to do with the Pichu.

The Pichu helped protect Charmaine's apple orchard from Team Rocket and she was very grateful to the Pichu for their hard work and they all jump over her and hug her. A new friendship between Charmaine and the Pichu had been formed and after Pikachu showed the Pichu how to collect the apples, Charmaine now had a new group of friends who ere willing to help her work in and protect the apple orchard.

Pokemon in Episode: Current Episode Guide Info Correct? [Yes]

Characters Pokemon Attacks used in Episode:
- Pikachu - Thunderbolt
- Pichu - Thundershock

Episode Location: Charmaine's Apple Orchard (near Ecruteak City)

Episode Highlights:
- Pikachu is accused of stealing Charmaine apples and is proved innocent
- The Pichu helped protect Charmaine's apple orchard from Team Rocket

Eyecatch info:
- English - Who's that Pokemon? - This Pokémon is very popular among women! - Snubbull
- Japan - Dare da - Pichu

Number of Times Team Rocket Blasted off in the episode: 1, balloon explodes due to excess energy buildup.

Team Rocket Balloon Enhancements: Vacuum Hoses and Energy Absorber.
- Imageboard Thread with Balloon Enhancements Images: http://www.pocketmonsters.net/imageboard/thread/2011

Did Team Rocket use a Mecha in the episode?: No

Episode Extras:
- Okido lab - Utsubot (ウツボット)
- Okido Senryu - ひとくちで のこさずたべる ウツボット
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