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16 Mar 2010 11:05 AM
Sunain Administrator
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http://kids.woot.com has a great deal on Pokemon sleeping bags today. $4.99 + $5 shipping seems to be a great deal for these. Below is the info from the site.

Imageboard thread of pictures of the sleeping bags.

Quote From: kids.woot.com
Our ancestors used every part of the Pokémon
Its tongue was considered a delicacy

We admit we were a little disappointed when it turned out these Pokémon sleeping bags were actually sleeping bags with Pokémon characters’ likenesses on them, and not sleeping bags made from genuine Pokémon hides like we pictured when we ordered them.

We mentioned our disappointment to a coworker, and she kind of went off.

“That’s sick!” she said. “Pokémon is for children! My little boys love Pokémon! And you would want a sleeping bag made from their skins? That’s horrible!”

Heck yes, we would want a Pokémon-skin sleeping bag. Look at that big, soft Snorlax one. Imagine a bag that was mostly Snorlaxskin, but with Furret-tail trim. How comfy would that be?

It’s weird how selective people are with their outrage. Seriously, the whole point of Pokémon is collecting and training wild beasts to pit against each other in savage combat. It’s basically dogfighting for kids. That’s the sick part. So don’t get yourself in a big indignant snit at someone for wanting to make use of the animal’s remains. It would be more disrespectful toward the creature’s sacrifice if we didn’t.

Anyway, it turns out Pokémon are fictional, so we’re not going to see a sleeping bag made from one’s pelt any time soon. It’s too bad. All the same, these bags look pretty cozy, and will probably go over better with kids than the ones we were picturing.

Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty

Recommended Ages: 4 Years +


* Great for sleepovers, parties or road trips
* Made of warm, soft and safe taffeta
* Opens into a comforter that fits twin size bed
* Safe for machine wash and dry
* Hollow fiberfill for warmth and total comfort
* Includes self-repairing zipper
* Insulation: 29 oz Polyester
* Dimension (zipped): 27.5” x 49” (W x H)
* Dimension (unzipped): 55” x 49” (W x H)
* Cover: Printed Soft Polyester
* Lining: Taffeta
* Weight: 1.85 lbs

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16 Mar 2010 02:31 PM
BigCN401 Administrator
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Heh, if only it was bigger I would bought (more than) one. lol