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Title: Miss Mime & second Bronzor evolution??
Ok, its just an idea, but can it be that there is a connection between this pokemons:

Like you see get Mr Mime and that new Pokémon hair on the side of they face, and are both of them bassed on human people. The "fat" on mime jr body can be linked to the robe of that new pokemon.

The connection that you can see direct is the "logo" on backside of this 3 pokemon. Also the 5 Blue/Green points on the new pokemon (Desukan) can be linked to the "balls" on Bronzor. And if you see the Japanes name's of this 3, you must be realy sure that they have a connection:

Domira (Bronzor)
Dotankun (Bronzong)
Desukan (The new one)

Thanks to Gengarking for the idea!
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