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Satoshi and Go go to the Houen region in order to participate in a Pokémon battle tournament! This is this first time Go tries to battle, will he be able to win his way through the matches...? Meanwhile, Satoshi uses "a certain Pokémon" to battle?!

Satoshi and Go go to the Houen region in order to participate in the Pokémon battle tournament "Battle Frontier Glass Noisemaker Cup"! Satoshi loves to battle, so he's psyched! Go, on the other hand, will be trying Pokémon battling for the first time, having just realized how fun it is to get Pokémon! He goes up against a powerful rival using "Strike", a Bug Pokémon he just got the other day! And believe it or not, Satoshi battles using "a certain Pokémon"?! How will Satoshi and Go's battles go?!

Voice Cast:
Rica Matsumoto: Satoshi
Daiki Yamashita: Go
Ikue Ohtani: Pikachu
Megumi Hayashibara: Hibanny
Kana Hanazawa: Koharu
Yuichi Nakamura: Professor Sakuragi
Inuko Inuyama: Wanpachi
Shinichiro Miki: Strike
Yuji Ueda: Barrierd
Kenta Miyake: Chairman
Kei Shindo: Joy
Ryota Iwasaki: Referee
Yuki Shin: Hoji
Marina Aicholtz: Go's Smartphone Rotom
Rika Adachi: Hibana
Kenyu Horiuchi: Narration
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