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18 Sep 2020 09:13 PM
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A new news article has been posted!

Pokémon Mezastar is a "Pokémon" amusement machine which was released in Japan on September 17th, 2020. Pokémon Mezasta is a new game machine that uses "tags" to play! Battle against wild Pokémon and catch them! You can get tags of the Pokémon you catch! Collect tags for your favorite Pokémon, including Grade 6 Superstar Pokémon, Grade 5 Star Pokémon, and more! We have added a content database page for Pokémon MEZASTAR and we will continue to update info on the game as information is revealed.


The Pokémon Mezasta can combine multiple machine screens! When the Special Tag Team Battle (スペシャルタッグバトル) which combines the screens occurs, you and your friends can battle powerful Star Pokémon together! Join forces with your friends to get it! If you can grab the Pokémon, you'll both get your tags!


Put a hundred yen in the machine and the game begins! We recommend the "Battle and Get" mode, where you battle with Pokémon! When your opponent's Pokémon come out, place a tag and battle! Power up your moves with the Button Bricks, and then go on the offensive!

When the battle is over, you can get a Pokémon! For 100 yen, you can throw a ball to get the tag of the Pokémon you caught!

Select the area where the boss you want to battle is and battle! The boss is different for each area! Before the battle, select your Pokémon ally and slide the tag forward! All that's left to do is to launch the button and attack! Can you get your hands on a powerful Star Pokémon?
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