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08 Dec 2020 07:17 PM
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A new news article has been posted!
The official Japanese Pokémon website has posted a notice indicating that an employee at the Pokémon Center Kyoto has caught COVID-19 and for safety, the store has been temporarily closed. Our list of COVID-19 related cancellations has been updated.


Pokémon Center Kyoto Temporarily Closed Due To COVID-19

December 8, 2020
There has been an outbreak of the coronavirus and it has caused the temporary closure of our store. Thank you very much for your patronage. One employee working at the Pokémon Center Kyoto has been found to be infected with the coronavirus (COVID-19).

It was determined that the employee had been in close contact with a person infected with the coronavirus on December 4th, 2020, and subsequently they underwent a PCR test on December 7th at the direction of the health center, afterwhich they tested positive for the coronavirus on December 8th. The employee is currently experiencing olfactory symptoms and taste issue and will remain at home for the time being.

The last working day of the employee was December 4th, and they were mainly in charge of customer service, but they complied with infection prevention measures such as wearing a mask, measuring the temperature before work, and disinfecting hands during work. As a result, we will be temporarily closed as of December 9th, 2020.

We will announce the resumption of operations as soon as we are able to ensure safety in coordination with the public health center and related facilities. We sincerely apologize for the anxiety caused to our customers. We will continue to put the health and safety of our customers and employees first, and will work hard to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. For more information, please contact the Pokémon Customer Support Center, Phone: 0120-049-725 (weekdays 11:00-17:00)

Source: https://corporate.pokemon.co.jp/PostImages/1aca308d6b0ab021224863b7031408244d9fa2d7.pdf
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