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26 Dec 2020 09:24 AM
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A new news article has been posted!
The March 2021 issue (no. 229) of illustration (イラストレーション) will feature the Pokémon Card Game. The issue contains interviews, concept art, comments from certified Pokémon Card Game illustrators as well as a Pokémon Card Game Desk Calendar. The magazine will be released in Japan on January 18th, 2021 and it costs 2090 yen. It is 116 pages and its JAN number is 4910016790313.


Feature 1: Pokémon Card Game from the perspective of illustration

Special Appendix: Pokémon Card Game Desk Calendar 2021-2022 (Starting in April 2021)
Cover: Drawn by Mitsuhiro Arita (有田満弘)

Illustrations of the past generations:
From the first Pokémon Card Game released in 1996 to the latest Pokémon Card Game: Sword & Shield, this is a selection of illustrations that have been drawn on cards from all generations.

Interview 1: Mitsuhiro Arita (illustrator)
Interview 2: Satoru Nagaya (Art Director, Creatures Inc.)
Interview 3: Yu Nishida (Illustrator, Grand Prix winner of the 1st Pokémon Card Game Illustration Grand Prix)

How the "Pokémon Card Game" was created:
What is the process to complete an illustration for a Pokémon Card Game? We'll show you the process, including the precious rough sketches and the revisions which are used to make it look like a finalized Pokémon card.

Where Pokémon Cards are Born:
We visited the office of Creatures, the developer of the Pokémon Card Game. Where are Pokémon Cards created?

A round-table discussion of official illustrators of the Pokémon Card Game:
Four illustrators who have drawn illustrations for the Pokémon Card Game gather to talk about the appeal of the Pokémon Card Game as well as the story behind its creation.
Participating illustrators: Kirisaki, Koki Saitou, sowsow, Kagemaru Himeno (honorifics omitted)

Pokémon Card Game Illustrations by seven illustrators:
This is a dream project in which illustrators draw the Pokémon they want to illustrate for this feature. Participating illustrators: Amelicart (ア・メリカ), Yoriyuki Ikegami (イケガミヨリユキ), Ayako Ishiguro (石黒亜矢子), Misaki Kihara (木原未沙紀), Yoko Kuno (久野遥子), Gemi (げみ), Keiji Yano (矢野恵司) (honorifics omitted)

My Favorite Cards Chosen by 20 Certified Pokémon Card Game Illustrators:
Twenty certified Pokémon illustrators have selected a card from the Pokémon Card Game illustrations they have drawn so far. Here is a selection with their comments.
Contributors: Anesaki Dynamic (姉崎ダイナミック), Hideki Ishikawa (石川ヒデキ), You Iribi (伊里日葉), Akira Egawa (江川あきら), Naoyo Kimura (木村直代), Aya Kusube (楠部文), Akira Komiyama (こまやま明), Tomokazu Komiya (こみやトモカズ), Naoki Saito (さいとうなおき), Sanosuke Sakuma (佐久間さのすけ), Narumi Sato (さとうなるみ), Shibuzoh. (しぶぞー), SUI, chibi, Saya Tsuruta (つるたさや), Shin Nagasawa (長澤真), Nagimiso (なぎみそ), Yukiko Baba (馬場由起子), Hyogonosuke (ヒョーゴノスケ), Ryota Murayama (村山竜大) (honorifics omitted)

Sources: https://twitter.com/illustration_g/status/1341317185612832773 and https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B08PXK53XT/
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