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Title: POKENCHI :どんなポケモンも粘土で作れる天才小学生とヒャダイン溺愛の姉妹が登場!/Here's a Genius...
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Titles: どんなポケモンも粘土で作れる天才小学生とヒャダイン溺愛の姉妹が登場!/Here's a Genius Elementary Schooler That Can Make Any Pokémon Out of Clay, as Well as Sisters That Really Love Hyadain!
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Title: Re:POKENCHI :どんなポケモンも粘土で作れる天才小学生とヒャダイン溺愛の姉妹が登場!/Here's a Gen...
More than 500 made so far! Here's a genius elementary schooler that can make any Pokémon out of clay, as well as sisters that really love Hyadain! The sisters and a really awkward Hyadain get the ultimate surprise from Abareru-kun!

It's a gathering of amazing Pokénds! An elementary schooler that wants to become a biologist teaches us clay Pokémon characteristics and creation tips! The residents get super excited over these realistic clay replicas of Pokémon!!
In addition, sisters that really love Hyadain present their overly specific favorite things about Hyadain in a quiz format! The sisters are overjoyed by the delightful nicknames of the Pokémon they are traded! It's 30 minutes of smiles with the circle that connects the residents with Pokénds from all over Japan! Don't miss out!

Shoko Nakagawa
Rinka Otani
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