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Jan 27 2008 Darkrai.com Launches
Darkrai.com launched Saturday evening unveiling news about Darkrai for the TCG, the anime and the video game. As a subsidiary of Pokemon.com, Darkrai.com is an all flash website designed to focus only on this newly revealed Pokemon.

Screenshots, a teaser trailer and the logo 'The Rise of Darkrai' are all available to view on the site. Move information and a few Diamond and Pearl in-game screenshots of Darkrai were also posted. The TCG card for Darkrai was posted earlier in the week on Go-Pokemon.com but information on it is also available on Darkrai.com now.

The site isn't without its problems. Like Pokemon.com, the site is completely done in Flash. The site takes a minute or so to download, requires people to have Flash installed on their computer, and it renders slow on many older machines. The site even has 'content' that shouldn't have been posted. In the Video Game section of the site, a sentence which looks like it was from a private email to the webmaster was posted and it even has a typo. It reads, "Whne its done, go ahead and make it live." Obviously the sites launch was rushed.

You can visit the offical Darkrai.com site by clicking here.