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The Beta is now open for the Trainer Challenge portion of the Pokémon Trading Card Online. The Trainer Challenge allows players to play against computer opponents. Most tutorials are up as well which are very help for players that may not be too familiar with the game. Players will need to setup a Pokémon Trainer Club account and then login in order to try out the beta. The Pokémon Trading Card Online part where players can play against other human opponents is still in develop and it states that it's 'Coming Soon!'. You can also make an avatar in the profile section and save it to a .png to show your friends.

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For parents that might be concerned about their children playing this game online, the site also put out a statement regarding this. Below is that statement.

What parents should know about the Pokémon Trading Card Game Trainer Challenge:

Welcome to the Pokémon TCG Trainer Challenge! The online site is where kids can play the Pokémon Trading Card Game online and we work tirelessly to help keep it as safe as possible. Moderated message boards using filtered text technology and partnered with secure game play helps reassure parents that we are working to produce a safe and fun experience.

Our community stresses good sportsmanship and being respectful while supplying children and their parents with tools to know when their friends are online and to ignore and block users when necessary. Our parental controls help the parent to be in charge of all aspects of his or her child’s account, including adding friends, message board posting permissions, purchasing, and notifications about his or her child’s behavior.

We believe in recognizing a child’s progress, and our achievement system, with badges that tell the story of his or her path to success, helps build self-confidence, and fosters camaraderie between players.

Source: http://www.pokemontcg.com/
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